Insane Producer Swears: Michael Jackson is ALIVE!!!

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Music producer Teddy Riley has serious issues ... with the fact that people just ASSUME Michael Jackson is dead. Come on, people, it's a conspiracy!

Riley, who worked with MJ all the way to the end - or WAS it the end?! - has reignited a conspiracy theory after Tweeting that he believes he's alive.

Where is he? How would he possibly live in secret even if he did fake his own death successfully? Why would he abandon his kids? Not explained.


Wherever Michael Jackson is, Teddy Riley wishes him the best.

Riley worked with MJ on his Dangerous album and produced the (possibly) late singer's controversial song "Breaking News" on his upcoming Sony album.

Riley wrote, "If people can think Elvis is still alive why the F#*@ I cant [sic] think Michael is still alive." Truly, no one can argue that kind of sage wisdom.

A fan then wrote to him: "Akon said he believes Michael is in hiding and will be coming back one day. Im curious to know what ya think bout that."

His take: "AKON IS MY FRIEND AND WE THINK ALIKE." Enough said.




this is all stupid he is dead stop this im a big fan of MJ and can you think if you were faking a death and a year and a couple of months later u dont think someone would have found out u were alive. and also what about youre kids how would u feel if you had to keep youre kids quiet so they wouldnt spilll so just live it alone.


bunn and hers wasn't maybe you forgot to read it... read it again..she hope that he is really dead. can't take it don't write it.


He is alive. I felt that way the day after "he died. They were moving stuff out of his house the day after.Who the hell does that? Janet was not upset.Chewing gum like a cow. His father didn't give a crap as usual. Jakie and others were laughing on stage at the memorial,trying to hold it back and Paris was upset, but did not cry.They were all acting as if they were watching a movie. If Michael was in cardiac arrest, why did the ambulance choose to back out and not put the lights on. All the fake cut and paste ambulance/casket pictures. I have had enough.Really.It is strange at the very least.No one can think that a family behaves this way after a family death. If that was my brother or son, I wouldn't work for a couple of years. Janet and the rest just keep on doing their thing. So if people think MJ is alive, it is because it darn sure looks that way. Peace MJ. You are loved here no matter what.


He's not insane! He's telling the truth!


why dont the people dont believe leave mike alone and go pick on there star.find out more about theres and i bet there will have something wrong to say too.he was found innocent by the courts.what about charlie he hurts people ,find shit on him and stop him.all stars have there own way of living and dressing and want privicy.look at how gaga dresses and others.mike is no different.we need to help this earth and get read of the gove.that is taking from us.take back our planet and life.this is what they want for us to fight and not pay a anttion to what they are doing so they can controll the world.thats what we need to watch and stop


First to this topic: We all knew it was just a matter of time befor this rumour got started. I highly doubt he would ever do that and IF he did, he would not have done something without first preparing his family first so they did not mourn him needlessly. They would ALl have to be pretty good actors! I dont believe this garbage anyway. As to 'jenna berry''s post here":
Whether you agree or disagree with this story and the people in it or posting about it, one question: Why on earth would you ever post a remark like you did? "hey tammi maybe the world would be better with out you! " Very sad and very cruel!


Spencer Pratt once compared, his wife, Heidi Montag's singing to Michael Jackson's. Maybe Teddy Riley overheard one of Heidi's songs from the "Superficial" album on the radio, and he thought he was hearing Michael Jackson's voice.


Only a fool believes everything he hears and sees without questioning it while the wise man waits patiently to hear the words straight from the horses' mouth before deciding what is truth. Insanity, a mere label, is only a frame of reference from your current viewpoint. Da Vinci, Einstein, Galileo and many others were thought to be "insane" once too. History proved them all genius. Check your lens again for clarity and try another vantage point. Sanity is often found within chaos.


Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. When I passed out Halloween candy,I had the Thriller album on,and actually the Trick or Treaters enjoyed hearing MJ's music. Now if Michael was alive and well, playing Thriller on Halloween would most definitely have been the time to make his presence known. There will always be conspiracy theories,but in all respect and all jokes aside Michael Jackson left us a legacy with his music and it only darkens the beauty of his fans being able to be glued to the TV set on 07/07/09 to watch people around the globe watch the full presentation of his services at The Staples Center. There may never be another entertainer with the world wide recognition of Elvis,Sinatra,Jimi Hendrix,Janis Joplin,Marvin Gaye,etc. As fans we owe it to ourselves to continue to enjoy the gift that these entertainers left us throught their music, and let them RIP. PEACE!!


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