Insane Producer Swears: Michael Jackson is ALIVE!!!

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Music producer Teddy Riley has serious issues ... with the fact that people just ASSUME Michael Jackson is dead. Come on, people, it's a conspiracy!

Riley, who worked with MJ all the way to the end - or WAS it the end?! - has reignited a conspiracy theory after Tweeting that he believes he's alive.

Where is he? How would he possibly live in secret even if he did fake his own death successfully? Why would he abandon his kids? Not explained.


Wherever Michael Jackson is, Teddy Riley wishes him the best.

Riley worked with MJ on his Dangerous album and produced the (possibly) late singer's controversial song "Breaking News" on his upcoming Sony album.

Riley wrote, "If people can think Elvis is still alive why the F#*@ I cant [sic] think Michael is still alive." Truly, no one can argue that kind of sage wisdom.

A fan then wrote to him: "Akon said he believes Michael is in hiding and will be coming back one day. Im curious to know what ya think bout that."

His take: "AKON IS MY FRIEND AND WE THINK ALIKE." Enough said.


Is he ded is he alive


have you seen him? i sow him in 23april 2011!!!!!!!!


The way to go michael, the way to go, what ever you do you do it all the way king, there for I say you go boy!make it funky now.

@ Baby Jackson

your hot it me michael jackson i alive


im 51 years old and i grew up listening to michael as all my chidren did as well, i really hope hes alive he was a beautiful person. forget all his music and wealth. he was and is an awesome man with the sweetest smile and beautiful eyes. who knows what happened but something drove him to this point be it the media or his fans. but im not giving up hope that hes here i believe he is and will be welcomed back with open arms! love you michael

@ nancy c

your cool


Have tried looking in Ghana, Africa? Then again why does people wants hassle him, he wants live in peace.


yeah he is alive! hes now living in hungary. we have solid evidence


this is for micheal jackson i dont say i blame you for what you did im so very proud of you micheal jackson you my true one and only king of pop i want you to know that im here for you every step of the way micheal jackson i have faith in you and i trust in you and i very much believe in you micheal you mean everything to me in life no one will never ever take your place there is only one true king of pop and that my friend is you micheal jackson and only you


i have been a very big fan of the king of pop micheal jackson for the last 43 years im so very happy to hear that micheal jackson is very much alive and doing really well as we speak the thing is that really annoys me is the media and the paparazzes people that like to cause trouble and make up storys to suite them selfs all the media people need to be brought to a stop for once and for all please cant yous see what yous are doing to the jackson family please just leave them alone and dont yous think yous have done enough damnage to all media please just stop and think


I wish Michael Jackson was alive. But,if he is, god will work it out with him.


And exuse me for my writing i kinda messed up because i was doing this on my phone and i was typing pretty fast. i ment to say that u are still loved on one part and on the other part i ment if u are feeling down or unsafe u should pray:)


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