How Did Miley Cyrus' Success Lead to Divorce?

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Miley Cyrus is a global sensation. She's a multi-millionaire, beloved by fans around the world and staring at a future full of record-selling albums and hit movies.

Such success has made parents Billy Ray and Tish very proud... but it's also made them grow apart, eventually leading to last month's divorce announcement, a family friend says.

"Both parents have been equally involved in making their daughter a superstar," a source tells Pop Eater "And now that they have achieved their goal, they have nothing to work towards anymore and nothing to keep them together."

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Miley Cyrus smiles - and performed! - though the pain of her parents' split at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The insider says Billy Ray and Tish forgot about their romance over the years, as they focused entirely on Miley's next album or television appearance.

"Tthey have forgotten to make time for each other," a music executive added. "It's heartbreaking. You would think that someone like Miley has everything in the world, but I guarantee she would give it all up in a second if it kept her family together. I'm sure when she blows out her birthday candles in a few weeks her wish will be for mom and dad, not her career."

It's true. Miley turns 18 on November 23 and has already said she would love to "take a vacation with my family" in honor of the occasion.

"[My family and I] need time to all be together," she told Us Weekly over the weekend. Let's hope they get it.

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thks again THG for not insulting miley. hope they will get back together soon!! btw there is a difference between miley and the millions of others whose parents broke up. 1, did the million other parents becuz of their child's future that made them seperate.2,did their child become so famous until their parents dont need to worry about not leading a good life ahead? the ans is no. anw MILEY 4EVER!!!


Divorce happens to kids all over the world that have way less opportunities to help them cope. Miley doesn't get a gold star for that. She's one millions of kids around the world. She does get props though for not trashing one or both of her parents. On the other hand just because she's going through a tough time doesn't mean that THG or anyone else for that matter shouldn't call her out when she's being a fucktard.


I think it's pathetic that they can't try and work things out.
"What else do they have to work towards?" Wtf. You have kids, stay together for the best interest of your children. Maybe instead of pushing fame and fortune on your 16 year old daughter you should have focussed more on being FAMILY instead of fame. I dislike Miley, but I'm not saying this because of that. I just think it's really sad that these days the divorce rate is higher then the successful marriage rate. Really bothersome.


poor kid, my thoughts are with lucky my parents celebrated 39 years in june. i would be devastated if i was her!