Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt to Renew Vows

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Less than two years after tying to knot and just half a year removed from faking their separation, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are renewing their vows.

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

The gruesome twosome's wedding, seen on the fifth season finale of The Hills, was portrayed on TV like a fairytale. But the couple now disa-vows all of it.

Scraggly Ass Beard
GG-iant Boobs

SPEIDI WEDDING 2.0: Hey, the last one was a whole 18 months ago.

Like this year's contrived divorce, which Speidi admits it concocted for a new reality show that never panned out, the emotions of the wedding were "fake."

Now the plastic pairing plans to renew their wedding vows and get a fresh start at married life. Only this time, it will be on their own publicity-stunting terms.

"It was a movie, it was a script and it just didn't feel right," Spencer Pratt tells Entertainment Tonight. "No one in that building wanted us to get married."

"It was a nightmare."

Heidi Montag adds, "We had just gone through so much crazy stuff personally, through our jobs and everything, so this feels like our first real marriage."

"For me it will be like our first restart. We deserve a second chance at our marriage and really having this moment and not being robbed of this."

Yes. They were totally "robbed."

"Since we had to do the first ceremony, I've been thinking about the second ceremony," Spencer says. "The first one was so fake and not real at all."

Tell us about it. But congratulations on the restart, we guess.


Heidi Montag kind of looks like Melissa Gilbert in this photo. I don't know if that's good or a bad. Either way, I'm happy for them. How could getting married on a Reality Show feel romantic and normal for any newlyweds. I don't know how I feel about these people because I don't know them but if they are being genuine, good for them.


Has Heidi bared her naked titts (full topless) yet? I would really like to see how her gigantic naked boobs look, nipples and all.
Spencer can just die. He is unimportant.


i dont hate them, i just feel bad for them. there lives are nothing but a bad joke. i guess they traded morals and self respect for cash..hope it was worth it.


These two are obsessed for fame and they do anything to get some.
I can`t stand them and that slut changed her mind about to remove her implants cos they ruined her life??


So sick of them. Didnt even read the story. Just scrolled down to comment that i am sick of them. =)

Free britney

Yup, I'd say that's probably pretty accurate.


Do these two just sit down once a week and go 'ok, what BS can we come up with this week for $$$?'

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