Heidi Montag: "Obsessed" With Plastic Surgery!

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Heidi Montag has married Spencer Pratt a bunch of times, but her true love is plastic surgery, and her secret crush was the man who operated on her.

One of the late Dr. Frank Ryan's close friends, Dawn DaLuise, takes issue with Heidi's claim that he pressured her into her hilarious major makeover.

"I believe she had a crush on him," the celebrity plastic surgeon's pal said. "She was romantically obsessed. She saw him as a night in shining armor."


WORK DONE: Dr. Frank Ryan did a number. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

To hear Heidi Montag tell it now, Dr. Ryan - who died in a car accident after driving off a cliff in Malibu - wanted the poor thing "to be his Barbie doll."

DaLuise said it was Heidi who made the Barbie comment.

"He sent texts and emails saying she wanted to be Barbie, to look exactly like Barbie," DaLuise said, adding that Ryan tried to talk the plastic surgery addict OUT of getting DDD breasts, a brow lift, a nose job, lipo, butt augmentation, etc.

"He presented why he didn't think this was a good idea."

DaLuise shot back at the wife of Spencer Pratt after she trash talked the dead surgeon, suggesting that Heidi, not the late doctor, is merely a publicity seeking opportunist who used the death of Dr. Ryan in a bid to stay famous.

Yup, we can see that.

"They knew she showed up at the office uninvited, and they knew she phoned and he wouldn't take [her] calls," DaLuise said, noting that. "She began that pursuit only after he was rebuking her on a personal and social level."

She said others friends and workers of Dr. Ryan will come forward if she doesn't stop desecrating his memory. Eh, that probably won't stop her.


How ironic I know Dawn too!We actually all call her the gossip queen at a Cardio place in the valley.She started a rumor about someone that they work as a escort out of their home. What a bitch! Seriously,it seems really funny at first when you hear her rip on all her "friends" in a comical way but when you find out through an email she does the same to you,it's not so funny. I personaly detest Dawn and thinks she's an old toxic immature unhappy drama queen who thrives on this stuff!


Everything about her is fake.
I hate her.
She lost her (girl)friend 'Lauren Conrad'.
She makes everyone sad ( Lauren Conrad, Her parents, Her friends and Holly (her sister) ).
I just feel sorry for Lauren Conrad and Heidi's family.
Lauren Conrad,
Heidi has not need you, just let you alone,
But you have many good Friends & Fans.
Your better friends they are there for you.
We lovee you. (The fans)


Wot is she trying to prove to look like a Barbie doll that is so original in plastic is fantastic world. Get some self-esteem instead of being fake.


i dont even recognise her anymore


Junior you are a funny motherfucker!!! Heidi, really, sex tape please!!!??? I wonder if her vaj looks like Spencer's old beard?


I don't think she is done with all of her plastic surgery work. Seriously, can you imagine how awesome she would look with a unicorn implant. Then she would finally be beautiful. She would have her own reality show for sure and she might even be cast in a fantasy/science fiction movie entitled "Acorna".


I think Heidi should get a penis implant so that way she f**k all the people that are saying mean things about her, then she can f**k me afterword. Ew! Even I got grossed out by that. Can we all pretend I never sent this post.


She looks so sad in her eyes.


I agree, Summer she does need therapy, that's were her money should be going to.


i wonder how long this robot can go until it needs a boost or recharge. ASS-fake, BOOBS-fake, BODY-fake, BRAIN-there (somehow) but probly suffocating from plastic fumes

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