Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Renew Wedding Vows, World Groans

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This time it's not for reality TV, just reality. Or something. Yeah, right.

Weeks after confessing they faked their divorce proceedings, and days after calling his own made-for-TV Hills marriage ceremony a contrived nightmare, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have said "I do" in their first "real" wedding.

Whoa! Never Saw That Coming!

Third time's the charm, right?

WEDDINGS PAST AND PRESENT: This time, Speidi swears, it's legit.

Before The Hills aired their union to end its fifth season in the spring of 2009, the couple staged a bogus wedding in Cabo the previous winter. So this is #3.

Finally, the gruesome twosome says, it was for love.

"It's just me and my bride on a little secret beach with nobody else, and it's just about her," Spencer Pratt told ET of their Sunday vow renewal. "Last time it was about everything else, it was about drama, it was about ratings."

How terrible was that? The poor, victimized couple.

Echoes Heidi Montag: "It was about everyone but us, so this is our first wedding about our love. I can finally just be Heidi. I'm just really enjoying every day."

Indeed. How can we possibly argue with such heartfelt emotions from two genuine people deeply in love with publicity each other? Congratulations, we guess.


PRESS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought that they were broke???? How is renewing wedding vows one year after marriage being responsible with limited money? Now we know why they are broke.


It is a sad thing when people get so desperate they have to live every moment for media attention. One day they are getting divorced, the next back together again, and so many made up stories in between.This straw for brains egomaniac and his plastic barbie deserve each other, and if they are married for real,I hope they stay together as a couple, so that no one else in this universe will have to deal with their tired, attention crazed definition of marriage.I feel so sorry for the 2 of them when the ink is dry on this news. They will probably go through depression and withdrawal during the honeymoon phase,trying to come up with an entirely new story about themselves to feed to the media,because these have no better sense than to think that someone actually cares about the facade that is their lives.


Perfect. Now they take that one-way honeymoon on Saturn with all the other space cadets. Bon Voyage, NASA!!


Omg...this couple is totally mess up!! So sick of them..

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