Floyd Mayweather Ordered to Stay Away from Children, Ex

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After skipping a court hearing yesterday, Floyd Mayweather finds himself in even more legal trouble.

The boxer has been ordered to pat $31,000 in bail and to stay away from Josie Harris and the two children he shares with this ex-girlfriend.

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Mayweather was due in court to face eight misdemeanor and felony charges, all of which stem from a September incident in which he allegedly punched Harris in the face and took her cell phone.

Reports indicate he also threatened to beat his children if they dialed 911. The world champion athlete could face up to 34 years in prison if convicted on charges that include felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery. He is due back in court January 24.

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We all dont know the reason for this situation so dont be so fast to judge. She couldve cheated when they were together ,who knows? , i think she deserved it then, in my opinion. She couldve kept hitting him and he couldnt take it no more, who knows? But whatever the reason was, he shouldnt involved his kids in it. Be at her not your little ones


this guy is a fucken ful he think he don know how 2 solve problem he think everithing must b solve through fighting each other the must arrest him be 4 he kill some body


Foyd and Josie have 3 children together. Get the facts correct before you report.


Floyd is nothing but a coward. I have no doubt that he threatened Josie and his own kids....
ALL of the mayweathers are nothing but highschool drop-outs, convicts, drug dealers, thieves and women beaters....


idk maybe he did maybe he didnt...cant say because my eyes where not there i cant judge him for something hes not known for...pretty tony is right pictures would have been everywhere...but then theres the other side..i cant judge this man.....it'll all come out....


Floyd didn't do this. If he hit his ex her bruises would've been posted on the internet for the whole world 2 see like when Chris hit Rhianna. And from the clips I've seen wit him and his kids, he adores his kids. This is all hype.


He is wrong dont call your self a man


i kind of looked up to him because he was successful and doing wat he was doing. but when i herd wat happen i was like wow. he haves all the money in the world and do this. this liitle thing could of been talked about and not in a this way and wat he have comming towards him i hope and pray they dont do him hard