First Look: The Pretty Reckless' "Just Tonight"

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Jenny Humphrey, the Gossip Girl character portrayed by Taylor Momsen, was termed "Gothic Barbie" on last night's installment of the CW series.

Taylor and Jenny really are morphing into the same person. Momsen's rock band, The Pretty Reckless, has a new video out for their song "Just Tonight."

In it, Gothic Barbie does her fans proud. No, there's no Taylor Momsen topless shots, but just wait for the next concert. Here's their latest music video ...

Can Taylor Momsen cut it as a rock star?


They're awesome !!!! Can't
Wait for a new album !!!and
Totally AWESOME video


Finally i gt 2c d vid 4 just tonight;and i fucking love it!the song is really amazing too,and taylor is so beautiful.i luv her voice,its so sexy.i hope she releases another song soon


hey kami guess what? fuk u!!!!! :DD sshes aaamazing!!!!! and ur just jelous and btw she is way hotter than gaga and im a big gaga fan so hah :PP


Pathetic idea from a pathetic singer. Whats next? Walking around with eye patches on her privates? Leave it to Lady Gaga, who can even out the crazy because she can actually sing.


Can't believe that use to be Cindy Lou
I like her voice though.


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