First, Awful Listen: "I'm Hot" By Angelina Pivarnick

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Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore quasi-fame has officially launched her music career with the release of her first (and likely last) single, "I'm Hot."

The portions of Angelina rapping we posted earlier this week don't do justice to the full version. More than four minutes of awfulness awaits below!

With her hamster-like voice, epic lyrics and Eiffel 65-esque backing vocals, this is an absolute riot. If you enjoy your ears bleeding, have at it ...

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well at least it's better than Paris Hilton "That's Hot"


I have never heard such a shamless attempt at fame in my life,oh man,it is so terrible its actually sad,like not even good enough to make fun of,truly sad.


what a loser


we have nothing witty to say, it was just plain terrible.


It sounds like one of the "raps" i hear when my cousin watches on wow wow wubbzy thats like really proper and annoying


Somehow, I made it through the song. I want 4 minutes and 22 seconds of my life back.


The money used for this song should've been donated to charity. Cause this was a waste of time.


Great song, she sounds hip and her vocals are better than most


You have to ask youself what did she do to get this huh?


*holds head* MY EARS... my POOR EARS... they need to make laws against this kinda thng :( it was horrible...