Father of Demi Lovato Makes Like Michael Lohan, Won't Shut Up

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Move over, Michael Lohan. You've got competition for the award of Most Exploitive, Attention-Seeking, Self-Centered Father of a Troubled Young Star in Hollywood.

Days after daughter Demi Lovato sought treatment for personal issues and details of her confrontation with a dancer went public, father Patrick spoke to Radar Online and blamed "pressures" for the mess his daughter finds herself in.

Demi Dressed in Black

Disney reps and those close to the singer didn't appreciate public comments from a man who hasn't seen his child in three years, but Patrick went back on the record today, sounding like an even bigger moron and saying:

"This is the United States of America, I can talk anytime I want to."

Damn right you can, Patrick! Your legal rights are far more pressing here than the privacy of your daughter!

Patrick is quick to say that he doesn't blame Disney for the downfall of Demi, even giving the company props for providing her with bodyguards. But he adds:

"It's just the industry itself.... it's the whole industry... the pressures and the time element that you have to put forward. It's those types of things that go along with what you chose and you can't blame Disney for that."

True. But you can maybe blame a father who seemingly cares more about making headlines than doing what's best for his family.

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demi's father should really shut the hell up!!!!!!!! i mean seriously the guy only wants attention because his step-daughter is a star!!!!!!!!!! shut up dude shut up


demi's father should really shut the hell up!!!!!!!! i mean seriously the guy only wants attention because his step-daughter is a star!!!!!!!!!! shut up dude shut up


Xsighsx: your comment was seriously beyond ridiculous. It made no sense in the context of the article or the other comments, but ok. I guess we can all agree on the immaturity aspect.


What an asshat, trying to get publicity by yakking about his daughter's privacy. Someone needs to punch HIM!


ok we all kno that drugs, cutting urself, and all that stuff that ppl w/ issues do is bad but evryone needs to stfu because you all comment like you kno who these people are and who they're going to be...its all immature and ill admit that ive done it too, recently so you could call me immature too


Who wrote this article? He/She sounds like a "Disney Suit."Dad says I have a right to say anything I want about any subject! Nothing wrong with that! Father says it's the Industry that causes these problems! Maybe. Father did not say anything any other father living with or living apart from his daughter would not say. The fact is We do not know what she is being treated for or by whom. I think describing the facility as a "rehab" is generous. Let's all hope she gets better and lives happily for the rest of her life. Fans of Demi---lose the anger and quit the speculation as to the cause. Wish her well and shut-up.


@null: You said just what I was thinking in your first comment about Miley cyrus vs. Demi Lovato. Maybe now people will finally wake up and realize that pressuring these young starlets to be 'perfect' role models and repressing them doesn't help anybody.


amy....it is the same...abusing drugs does harm the body, it can actually kill you....to tell an addict, of anything, that their problem is more acceptable than the next, gives them an excuse to continue to self mutilate and medicate...because some idiot named amy thinks it isn't that bad???? please just stfu...


Amy, Demi and Lindsay are very similar. Lindsay is also a cutter, had eating disorders. Just because she is known for drug usage doesn't mean that at the core she doesn't have emotional problems. She absolutely does. Most so-called drug "addicts" do. Lindsay's main problem, as I see it, is emotional/psychological, drug use is just a symptom. Even if Lindsay gets totally clean she STILL has emotional psychological issues to work through and she'll never be fully recovered until she works through them. Demi may turn to drugs in the future, we don't know. But right now, Demi and Lindsay have, at the core, very similar issues.


People don't choose to hurt themselves, huh? No one's forcing her to do it. Not saying she has problems or not, but don't act like she's helpless, either. Things like cutting, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. are all methods of coping with a bigger problem(s). It's one in the same.