Fashion Face-Off: Kristen Bell vs. Taylor Swift

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As the voice of Gossip Girl on Gossip Girl, Kristen Bell often critiques fashion.

So let's see how the actress reacts when the designer dress is on the other body, shall we?

Bell and Taylor Swift were each spotted out in the same Georges Chakra Couture outfit at two different public events over the last few weeks. We adore both these beauties and wish they could both come out on top in the poll below... but we know that's not how Fashion Face-Offs work.

Best of luck to each! Cast your vote now, readers:

Taylor vs. Kristen

Who wears this dress better?


Kristen Bell bis better and taylor swift so ill go with both of them cause their my sister...Luv Kristy Bell


They both are adorable!


Kristen Bell is better looking, but Taylor is probably easier to get for ugly dudes I guess!!!


I got to say Taylor looks good but kristen look way better


Taylor's got the model looks and this definetely looks better on her she is taller


Taylor looks way better and looked way better that night then kristen bell


kristin bell looks cuter.


kristen bell is way prettyer then taylor swift

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