Farrah Abraham Denies Child Abuse Claims

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Embattled Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham says that despite what the rumors and her haters might say, she's a model parent to her baby daughter, Sophia.

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    Well I dont know if any of the stuff in this article are true but I definately remember watching Teen Mom and seeing Farrah maikng some mistakes. She left Sophia sitting on the kitchen counter three times while she was across the apartment in her living room and once she was in her bedroom completely out of sight! I couldnt imagine what would have happened if that baby wouldve fallen off the counter! Plus shes left Sophia sitting in the hallway before. Shes also left Sophia unattended sitting in her kitchen sink and Sophia turned on hot water and scalded her hand. That doesnt seem like great parenting to me! Hopefully Farrah will grow some more and not be so neglectful in the upcoming season! Also hopefully her personality will grow and she'll learn how not to be such a stuck up snob!


    I just hope she's not abusing that baby, well the way they say it that's actually neglect. I haven't seen many pics of her actually playing with her daughter, like 2. but maybe I should watch the show.


    I have recently met Sophia, and she definitely has no problem walking, running, even talking! She is very sociable, seeming healthy toddler who has no problem interacting with others. She and her mother seem to have a very loving bond.


    thats wrong coz im a mother n i knw i am da best mother in whole wild world. Now u can lol ur ass off.


    Just so you know, "baloney" is correctly spelled bologna.


    This daycare chick is just looking for her 15 mins!

    Teen Mom is a GREAT show, has anyone ever thought about that the show gives kids a reason to NOT get pregnant at an early age??

    There are Farrah's and Amber's in EVERY TOWN in America and I bet you that kids have seen their story and thought..... maybe I should make better decisions than these girls. Amber loses her temper all the time, Maci struggles w/ Ryan over Bentley, and Farrah has no paternal figure for Sophia.

    These are ALL REAL SCENARIOS in young women's lives...... so wake up America!!


    Seriously if they r mature enough to get pregnant @ that age I think they know what they are getting out of the show. Plus if they didnt do these bad things then they wouldn't be put on air. They know the difference between right & wrong so why do these things make themselves look immature.


    this show is an insult to young single moms everywhere. im 27, but had plenty of friends out of h.s.who were teen moms and they are all good,hardworking moms who do everything they can to give their kids a good life.mtv should be ashamed.


    I agree RJB. It's like the media puts people on t.v. just so they can be slammed later. It all sells, it's putting money in the pockets of all involved but is it morally right? NO> Make millions, but if they are made using greed and selfishness, they will pay later on. Either in the afterlife or what ever. It's wrong and it's a shame that our society has gone backwards as far as development goes.


    Does anyone else besides myself see something very wrong with the way that MTV exploits not only these teen mothers but their children as well?

    My crystal ball says: there will be some sort of lawsuit directed at MTV in the near future. Whether it be from one of the "teen mom" shows or someone will actually get killed on one of their various other mindless reality shows.

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