Farrah Abraham: Betrayed By Baby's Grandma

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was shocked to learn that the grandmother of her infant daughter Sophia secretly met her and held her last summer.

"I was surprised, I felt so betrayed," Farrah said of Stormie Clark, who is estranged from the Teen Mom, but who has worked tirelessly to see Sophia.

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Farrah Abraham hasn't pursued a relationship with Clark since she never approved of her son, the late Derek Underwood, dating her in the first place.

Farrah Abraham is an embattled Teen Mom, but she's a fighter.

Underwood tragically passed away in a car accident two months before Sophia was born in 2009. Since then, Clark and Abraham have been at odds.

But Clark now recalls her first - and only - "surprise" run-in with her granddaughter Sophia in June at a local park in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Star.

Farrah was not there for the secret meeting. Instead, her nanny handed over baby Sophia to Clark for a photo, which she learned about only later.

"When I saw the photo it seemed to me that Sophia didn't feel comfortable. I feel bad that she was put in that situation," Farrah now recalls.

"I will never have her in the child government day care system again."

Clark says she'll "never give up" her fight to win visitation with her granddaughter, even after an Iowa judge denied her request last month.

Regardless of Stormie's claim, Farrah, who denies claims she's been abusive, is not worried Sophia will ever end up back in Clark's arms.

"I have full custody of Sophia. I'm not concerned. Stormie is out of my life," Farrah said, and hopefully, she's right. Keep up the battle, girl!


She looks like Angelina from Jersey shore in that pic o.9 ew....


Why in the hell hasn't Farrah filed suit against that caregiver....she lets anyone walk up and ask to touch, hold or fondle children she is in care of? Isn't there some kind of law against that? If is was a "government childcare agency" like she refers to, shouldn't someone be in serious trouble for doing that? I highly doubt that Farrah had this grandmother on the list of authorized people to have access to her child.


Good for u and u should get dat nanny fired for what she done it not her place to do that if anybody did that to my wee niece than i would do everything to get that person fired


She needs to look into a restraining order...this grandma is apparently psycho. If she was sincere about wanting to have a relationship, she would start with the baby's mother. Stalking and sueing Farrah was a huge mistake & really showed how unstable she is.....a complete loose cannon.

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