Fantasia in Court: I Aborted Antwaun Cook's Baby

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Fantasia Barrino may possess an incredible voice, but she's known more for her scandal-filled personal life than anything else these days.

The latest bombshell to drop from this former American Idol champion arrives courtesy of her recent court testimony, as Fantastia was a witness in boyfriend Antwaun Cook's divorce proceedings against ex-wife Paula yesterday.

Fantasia in England

Under oath, Barrino reportedly stated she got pregnant by Cook and had an abortion.

In August, Cook admitted he had been sleeping with the singer, but said Fantasia was unaware he was still married.

That was the focus of a line of questioning in front of a Mecklenburg County Court judge yesterday, as Paula Cook's attorney pressed Barrino on whether or not she knew her boyfriend was still living with his wife during their relationship.

Because reporters were barred from the courtroom, it's unknown exactly what exchange led to Fantasia's admission, but multiple sources told Radar Online she confirmed the abortion and said it took place around the time of her summer suicide attempt.

Antwaun and Paula are in court because they were unable to settle on terms of a divorce through private mediation.

Meanwhile, it's still conceivable that Paula could sue Fantasia over the unusual Alienation of Affection law, which North Carolina still has on the books and which states that an abandoned spouse can file lawsuit against the party responsible for the dissolution of a marriage.


KEEP YA HEAD UP FANNY!!!!! These IDIOTS (yeah I called you guys IDIOTS)kill me talking like you know what's ACTUALLY going on in these celebrities "everyday" life! What you fail to realize is that Fanny is a WOMAN at the end of the day, who fell in love with a MAN! A man is going to tell you whatever you want to hear to get what he wants. Whether he was still married or not, I GUARANTEE YOU that Fantasia was NOT the FIRST person that he CHEATED on his wife with! BETTER believe she wasn't the FIRST WOMAN that Mrs Pathetic Paula found out about! Did she sue the rest of'em? HELL NAW!!! They didn't have Fanny's money. Paula is a MONEY STARVED B*TCH looking for a "come up." Now RUN TELL THAT!


She knew! Better believe she knew..Fantasia was just waiting for Antwuan to make his choice and figured getting pregnant would help..let me further tell ya that Fantasia and Antwuan Cook are still a couple..NOW how "sorry" is that?!the fact is.. the reason Fantasia offered a lil bitty $100,000 and not 1 million to Paula Cook is because she HATES Paula Cook and is jealous this women was able to tame a Antwuan Cook for a time with *NO* Glitz and Glamour something Fantasia will never be able to do!Why add insult to injury and offer that small amount?Fanny hosted.. Paid for..Sex' pregnant on purpose..exploited a separated married man away from working on his marriage..Fanny went as far as paying him to move out of his wife&kids home by buying him a bike!yes..people she still opens her legs for this man daily while their are 4 young human lives paying for it..Antwuan's 2,Fantasia's 1,and the Dead Baby aborted to cover up.**OPRAH..Please take over and have Paula Cook on your show!


First of all, IF, (Damnit i said IF) because it says "sources"..if fantasia's hearing and testimony was closed courtroom how and WHY in the HELL did it get leaked to the masses..Somebody is seriously trying to destroy her. Second of all FANTASIA MADE THE RIGHT DECISION, and it was HER DAYUM decision.... Stop believing everything you hear and stop judging people. Fantasia was set up and played.....Yeah she'll learn but it explains so much and i feel for what she is going through.. Instead of ripping and tearing her down i'm going to pray for the girl.. She will be back to killing these industry hoes in no time! lol


Who are we to judge? There are so many people out here who lies just about everything. Look at Jessie James married to "America's
Sweetheart"~~~he told the woman he was "dealing with" that he and Sandra was "separated"~~~for example. So honestly, we were not there and we do not know what Antwaun told Fantasia. I think
Paula's issue should be with her (loosely stated) husband.


What's really sad is that she played all of this out on her tv show ,and now the wife is suppossidly using it against her as evidence in court ,I believe that fantasia knew he was still with her, on the show he clearly says,I have my own apartment now, where was he livin b4 then .WOW! she knew and acted like woe is me I'm the victim ,when clearly his children are the victims,they both get what they deserve ,so sad


Even though this cad was married to another woman during his fling with Ms. Barrino,it had to be a difficult decision for her to abort the unborn child,knowing that she already had a 9 year old daughter.If allowed to be born to full term,this child would have been a sibling for her daughter and a grandchild for the family. Having to make such an important decison could have been very much life changing indeed for her as well as her career.
Hopefully, the year 2011 will be much better for this troubled performer.


Agree with you Erika but at the same time you wonder how she didn't know the guy was still married. You would think you'd make sure, especially since she went as far as conceiving a child(now deceased) with him.


Fantasia is a powerful person... I hope she realizes this and goes for HER happiness.... People can say what they want but it is ALWAYS different when you are IN the situation... so all the judgmental people can kick rocks... let's see how strong you are with your life on BLAST!


oh fantasia.get your life together girl!so sad.

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