Excuse Adam Lambert While He Kisses Some Guy...

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Adam Lambert paid homage to Jimi Hendrix at a concert in France last night.

And to the countless music fans that have often mistaken the lyrics to this icon's classic 1967 single "Purple Haze."

As part of his Glam Nation Tour in Europe, Lambert treated concert goers to a rendition of this single, switching up the words from "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" to "Excuse me while I kiss some guy." Not merely apt for Adam, the latter verse has been sung so often that a website has actually been created in its honor.

Performing in Paris, France
Rocking Out in France
Lambert in France
An Intense Look
On Stage in France
Hot Man on Man Action!

Click on the images above to enlarge shots of Lambert on stage. Then, sit back, relax and watch the video of him covering Hendrix below. It's great stuff.


The guy can sing. Have to give him that.


haha that his style!! and his awesome!!! ROCK ON ADAM!!!


He is awesome! Love his talent, his voice, his brightness :)


Check out ADAM's Cologne concert on Ytube!!! EPIC!!!!


I LOVE ADAM heart and soul, He's a true ROCKGOD!


Amazing voice.


I love how he doesn't take himself too seriously. He cracks me up! Great cover for not having really rehearsed it. Adam's voice was made to ROCK! Monte was awesome on guitar. Great guys!


Adam cracks me up. He mixes his crazy talent with humor and OTT camp. His concerts are an amazing experience. There are a LOT of young fans who didn't know Jimi Hendrix or the song Purple Haze.. now they do :)


Too funny! Great charisma! Love this guy!


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