Excuse Adam Lambert While He Kisses Some Guy...

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Adam Lambert paid homage to Jimi Hendrix at a concert in France last night.

And to the countless music fans that have often mistaken the lyrics to this icon's classic 1967 single "Purple Haze."

As part of his Glam Nation Tour in Europe, Lambert treated concert goers to a rendition of this single, switching up the words from "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" to "Excuse me while I kiss some guy." Not merely apt for Adam, the latter verse has been sung so often that a website has actually been created in its honor.

Performing in Paris, France
Rocking Out in France
Lambert in France
An Intense Look
On Stage in France
Hot Man on Man Action!

Click on the images above to enlarge shots of Lambert on stage. Then, sit back, relax and watch the video of him covering Hendrix below. It's great stuff.


Adam you're a very talented singer and your stage image really suits you. You are in this world can do great things .... do it. I am a fan of your talent ....... I like it that you do.


Your feelings are homophobic. No more closets. It's HIS life and he didn't need you to advise him for the past 28 years what would make him more ~acceptable to certain members of society.


i think jimi just rolled over in his grave...


omg did you see jimi hendrix sister endorsed adam's performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! print that shit!!


Adam is not only the most remarkable talent to come along in my life time, he has an awesome outlook on life, humor, love and everyone should learn to enjoy him just as he is with whatever way he wants to express his art and music. His being sexy is as much a part of his show as his singing, dancing and exchange with the audience. For me, when it comes to Adam, it is all good!


I believe Adam is an amazing talent. I supported him on Idol when there was so much controversy about whether he was gay or not. I believe his sexuality has nothing to do with his talent. However,I am totally disappointed with him kissing a man on stage, because it does bring his sexuality into his performance and I don't go to a show to see anyone kissing either male or female. Adam I absolutely love you and I believe you have the talent to be a superstar, but you cannot afford to alienate anyone by giving them a platform on which to attack


glam fan here. A far as I'm concerned lambert's rockability is hardcore. Watching two dudes making out with a dude on stage is not my cup of tea but you know adam did make that shit hot. The awards won't be the same without him.


Love Adam. He is the greatest singer around - from opera to rock - he can do it all. He may be shunned by the awards shows but not by his growing fan base!


This one shows WLL that came next. Great Rock. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


nice voice


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