Erin Barry: Tony Parker Mistress Revealed!

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Earlier, we reported the rumor that Tony Parker not only cheated on Eva Longoria, he cheated with a teammate's wife. We can now confirm it's true, and who it is:

Erin Barry, the wife of Brent Barry.

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The father of the former San Antonio Spurs player, Rick Barry, confirmed the news to TMZ today and says he worries Brent will be "devastated" by the news.

Brent played with Parker from 2004-2008, and is in the middle of a divorce from Erin Barry. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are in the middle of one, too, as of earlier this afternoon, when the Desperate Housewives star filed the paperwork.

Rick Barry says "I feel horrible for my son. I'm in shock. I knew [Erin] was moving out of the house soon and SHE was the one that filed for divorce."

"This is the straw that broke the camel's back. [Brent] is going to be devastated. I can't even imagine going through this ... the divorce was hard enough."

We're guessing Eva Longoria knows the feeling.


bad tony..


Feel sorry 4 Eva,guess she rily didn't know who T.parker was. Its a lesson 4 her but a very painful one.


@Terry Hyatt-Amabile "he's french and therefore a cheating ass" Cheating is a universal thing, stupid predjudiced racist.


Tony cheating on Ava. First of all, he's French and so he's an cheating ass. Second, he;s an idiot to cheat on AVa who is way above his league he was happy to have her. Last, he's French and therefore a cheating ass...


i feel very bad for her. no woman should have to go through that.marriage is a joke anymore,sad world we live in.


Way to step up there Tony and be a good (puk) husband and friend. You're neither. No one will want you as a husband or a friend.


Good for you Eva; you have alot going for you and who said your needed a man to be succesful; his lost and your gain because your now a beautiful free woman.


I'm sure Eva isnt miss perfect and she should get him back by sexting with me.....


I dont want to here that excuse about athletes addicted to sex, just sex your wife up more! To cheat on Eva Longoria more than once??? You should get hanged from your cojones.. Its time these fine rich chicks start marrying down. ha =D

Avatar people take this stuff personally like you're in-laws. Take a breather. While it's f'd up what Tony and Erin did, it's really none of our business. I'm sure all will move on and live out life just fine...

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