Erin Barry and Tony Parker: Inside Their Sexting and Eva Longoria's "Revenge" Divorce

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Eva Longoria was devastated when she discovered her husband, Tony Parker, had been trading sexual texts with Erin Barry, the wife of his former teammate.

Erin and Brent Barry had been close friends with Eva and Tony at one point, making the betrayal even harder on the Desperate Housewives star, reports say.

That's why she decided to blindside him by filing for divorce from Parker before they decided to take the breakup news public, according to Radar. Point, Eva!

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BARRY BAD CALL: Never text dirty with your teammate's wife.

“They were working out the details. They didn’t want it to become a messy divorce," says a source. "Then Eva got a little revenge and didn’t tell Tony she was filing and dropped the papers on him, catching him off balance for the media blitz.”

While some reports say the exchanges between Tony and Erin Barry were “innocent,” conflicting stories call the sext-messaging flirtatious, sexual and "over the line."

Erin Barry is also in the midst of a divorce from Brent. It's unclear if the relationship with Parker ever became physical, but it sure sent Eva into a tailspin.

Parker apparently claims it never progressed beyond texting.

“Look, any wife is going to be upset with what Tony did, but he swears the relationship with Erin stopped there and they never had sex,” a source tells Radar.

“And Tony also says the text messages ended months ago.”

Doesn't sound so minor when coupled with reports that Longoria herself not only filed for divorce out of nowhere, but leaked the story of Tony's infidelity.

“Suddenly, Eva Longoria not only filed the papers but then went public with Tony’s relationship with Erin Barry. He was surprised, to say the least."

Interestingly, initial reports of the couple's demise said that Tony filed divorce papers in Texas. This was in fact the plan, but he never did so.

“He held off,” the source said. “It had been discussed but then was abandoned. Next thing he knew she surprised him by filing on Wednesday."

Take that! Eva issued a brief statement confirming the split after the fact, and her reason for feeling burned is, honestly, quite understandable.

“Eva is furious that Tony started a relationship with a woman she knew, a woman they went out with as couple friends," says the insider. "She felt betrayed by Tony and this is how she decided to get a small measure of revenge.”

Well played, Eva Longoria. Well. Played.


I can't believe you ppl. Sexting is cheating. Do you need to walk in on the real deal to have your trust violated? They cheated in their hearts and if it was so right then why was it done secretly? Because they knew it was wrong. And to the idiot saying it is all Erin's fault? What third world country did you fail to evolve from? It was Tony's and Erin's fault and they deserve to be divorced. One thing I can agree on is that he is not even remotely good looking.


One trust is gone, the relationship is pretty much shot.


oh please i would still divorse him! get another man sister and move on


I love pretty b's comment. It is all ERINS fault she indeed is THE home wrecking whore.have you[EVA]confronted [ERIN]she knew you were Married to TONY she should've been the one to reject him,so she is the only one to blame.


oh come on EVAnly consider yourself lucky,a whole year and it was ony sexting!!How many times did you flirt and TONY didnt run out and file for "DIVORCE"he put up with it and stayed with you,and you should do the same.


Erin Berry is a gorgeous woman. Eva Longoria is a gorgeous woman. Tony Parker is very lucky either one of them looked at him seriously or otherwise. He isn't even remotely handsome.
Both women should stay single for a while and then find men who would be happy to love THEM and not need anyone else.


That's why men should be honest with women. Don't marry them and tell them you just want to be friends in order to have sex. If they want to be committed tell them to check into the nearest mental institution where the committed people are. Then you don't run into these nasty divorce situations. This one is apparently over some flirtatious action that did not involve actual sex.


Good for you Eva! Why should you wait to clear somebody else's butt??? It happened to YOU. The wrong doing was done to you;
why shouldn't you be your own person and file? I hope you get a
lot of money as YOU made HIM famous and gave the scum a good name. He deserves to be in the same league as Woods, Koby, etc.
Go on with your class, girl. Good luck to you!

Fabio colorado

buenas tardes a hollywood uuuy q mujer tan chimba tan espectacular q cuerpazo el q tiene me encanta me fascina chao mamasota buenona q dios te bendiga


Erin Barry appears to be a stable,savvy, beautiful woman. Most likely in a vulnerble state, since her divorce. Tony Parker knew her weakness and struck. He is a predator. Doubt he has any values. A low life Euro trash who prays on older women. Young woman are too easy for him. I am sure there are many young trophy's discarded by this letch. It's all a game to him.

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