Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes: Engaged!

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Eddie Cibrian is engaged to LeAnn Rimes. For real this time.

Though it didn't happen on Halloween, when rumors of their engagement surfaced in a little trick or treating stunt, but recently divorced actor indeed popped the question recently and the duo are in fact engaged, a source tells E! News.

Maybe that's why Brandi Glanville wants to make peace.

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Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are engaged! Congratulations, we think!

Glanville, who has two children with Cibrian, said earlier this week that she planned to meet with her sworn enemy pal-in-the-making next week.

Rimes, who was also married at the time (to Dean Sheremet) and Cibrian hooked up last year after co-starring in the TV movie Northern Lights.

They fought off rumors that they were an adulterous item for months until Cibrian filed for divorce and Rimes followed suit about a week later.

Rimes took quite a bit of heat for shedding her innocent star image, and apparently it's not easy to forgive (as LeAnn's Shape cover proved).

"You had two couples whose marriages didn't work who stumbled upon each other and fell in love," she said in an interview with ABC News.

"Nothing I'm going to say is going to change it," she says. "I do know that, and I have accepted that ... but I do know how much I love him."

She likely told Dean the same thing. Maybe this time it'll last.


And I thought I was the sensible one. Tnkhas for setting me straight.


don't people who cheat constantly think their new love cheating. Like every time he or she is late or making a "made for tv movie" won't it cross their minds, hey that's how we started etc. Wish them luck, she is not attractive at all, so maybe she does something extra to make up for it.


uhhh nothing is shocking in hollywood anymore!


yuck to both


You are all being polite! He's engaged to LeAnn's....er money!!!


So as a long time viewer of the Young & The Restless I used to think Eddie Cibrian was absolutely the hottest man on the planet and then he cheated on his wife and that kind of changed things for me.. Yet I have always thought Leanne Rhimes was not cute at all/kind funny looking really (lol I know taboo to say it but..) and when I heard they had an affair my first reaction was SHE got the hottest man ever?! but then.. he cheated... so they kind of deserve each other.. I don't know, unsure how she tempted him at all but it is what it is and yes, he will probably cheat on her because that is pretty much what cheaters do. She should pretty much expect it. She is no different.


Yes you are right Leo but I think they bother me so much because they had an affair while still married. Whether they were unhappy or not is irrelevant to me. They should have separated before stepping out in public so soon. It was a total slap in the face for the ex-es and they were even ex-es at that point! Just showed me there true colors and it aint pretty!!
If you are always looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side, you will never find true happiness! And sometimes the grass in not greener and you would have made a huge mistake that you can't take back. You two make me sick!


well good for the homewrecker


Both make me sick to my stomach. Hope the KARMA comes around!


These two make me sick in SO MANY WAYS. How pathetic to cheat on both sides and worst of all the kids saw the whole thing go down....and will only find out more as they get older and google (betcha didn't THINK about that Leann/Eddie...huh??). These two have just landed on my TOTAL LOSER LIST next to Woody Allen and Speidi. Never will I watch ANYTHING with their name attached, and I will always change the station when they plan Leann's songs. I will NEVER buy a magazine w/ them in or on it. There's NO EXCUSE for cheating....all you have to do is break-up first. Seriously. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Leann acts like it happened so innocently and they fell in love.....you make me sick, Leann and Eddie.

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