Devon James Files For Bankruptcy

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No wonder Devon James has been conjuring up every lie in the book in an effort to squeeze money out of former lover Tiger Woods: She's bankrupt!

The Florida porn star selling an alleged Tiger Woods sex tape, which she claims she was offered $300,000 for the rights to. Guess that wasn't true.

Bankruptcy papers Devon and husband Nick James filed under penalty of perjury list their assets at zero to $50,000. No mention of any Tiger tape.

Tiges in Action

SO MANY HOLES: Devon James' story has more than Tiger ... never mind.

The brazen Devon James, who falsely claimed Tiger Woods was the father of her love child Austin earlier this year, is actually $231,124.01 in debt.

Amazingly, they are still accepting orders on tigertapexxx [dot] com and are still advertising "Devon James and Tiger Woods Sex Tape On Sale Now."

They claim on the site, which accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, that the tape will be released Nov. 15. It was previously Nov. 1.

Astonishingly, Devon and Nick have no proof the tape exists. Any asset as valuable as a Tiger Woods sex tape would be listed on Chapter 7 papers.

Despite hawking a tape of "Tiger Woods playing all the holes" on his girl, Dev says she has zero intellectual property. So basically, she's a fraud.

Teneal Goyco, who said he was Tiger's doppel-banger and that Devon paid him $1,000 to star in the faux Tiger tape, pretty much cleared that up.

This should confirm it beyond any doubt, however.


except his was nothing like that. he took his time peylad out the shot and hit a perfect shot. the only thing he got lucky on was the ball just falling in. he hit it perfectly right at the cup. urs was blind luck. aka bullshit


Devon...should be ashamed of herself :( she looks desperate as hell... (which she is) but damn gurl quit pulling lies out ya bag and start telling some facts in the mentime _l_ fu!!! and tyger look at all the bullshit and nastiness u have conjured up...... If i was your wife I would have done more than just divorce you ... You would have paid me for all the embarrasment and pain you caused me and she should do the same and as far as ur kids arent u ashamed that they are more than likelt going to A hear about this or B see all this nastiness you had hidden for most of their lives u should be ashamed and so should all ur lil hoes

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