Demi Lovato Was Dating Wilmer Valderrama?!?

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No wonder Demi Lovato is in need of treatment.

A new story in The New York Post says the young singer was dating serial celebrity banger Wilmer Valderrama immediately prior to checking into rehab last month. The two reportedly first connected when they filmed a public-service spot together in Chile for earthquake relief in March.

"The two started seeing each other in May right after her breakup with Joe Jonas," a tour source told the newspaper. "She would show us pictures of them together."

Valderrama has dated around... A LOT.

He claims to have swpied Mandy Moore's virginity, done the nasty with Lindsay Lohan, referred to Ashlee Simpson as being loud in bed and rated Jennifer Love Hewitt as an eight out of 10.

** UPDATE: A rep for Valderrama says this report is "false."

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Come on do tou really want to influence innoceny teen's A GUY LYK YOU


If he brags about it like that, it makes me not wanna believe it. Only thirsty, desprate douchebags who wanna sound like hotshots brag like that... I never liked Handy Manny anyways...


Why isn't she getting crap for dating a 30 something year old slut? Miley got dissed so much for a 20year old model, wtf is wrong with the world. I'll be lmao when your sweet princesses are pregnant and divorced and Miley will be laughing with me. Hypocritical retards.


Wow. If this isn't made up it's amazing that a tour source supposedly provided this information. Weren't some of the people on tour the ones who made her feel betrayed? Weren't they the ones who helped put her where she is now? How uncomfortable she must have been, with a new girlfriend sharing her space and lots of good "friends" ready to report on what she was up to. And they still are? Behind the walls of a treatment center and they're still contributing info to embarrass her. Or the "tour source" might not be with the tour at all, just some one who is trying to get the attention away from themselves and on Demi instead. Hmmmmm.


That lil' brown turd Valder-Beaner needs to be arrested then deported.


LOL Handy Manny gettin' some lovin' from the Disney kids!!!


maybe she got herpes and is being treated for it?eeeewwww


Omg hes from That 70s show and on that show he was a virgin IRONY!!!!!


He is such a douche!

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