Demi Lovato Update: Sources Deny Drugs, Raise Questions Over Deceased Friend

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"Demi is not in treatment for drugs. She is there to deal with emotional and physical issues she's been battling her whole life."

These are the words of family friend, shooting down recent rumors that Demi Lovato entered a rehab facility due to a problem with cocaine and alcohol.

So, is there a specific issue that forced this young singer to leave her Sorth American tour and seek help? Possibly, reports Star Magazine

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In July, an aspiring musician named David Osborn died in a tubing accident. An insider claims Lovato had grown close to the rocker, who she met at a mutual friend's party in December. Soon after his passing, Demi Tweeted:

"Can't wait to see you again in heaven... Texas isn't the same without you... RIP Dave Osborn."

While it's possible the death of a loved one played a role in Demi's demise - which culminated in a physical confrontation with a backup dancer in Peru - the same source that denies this troubled star used drugs also tells People her downfall was related to a lot more than just one incident.

"This is a girl with emotional problems who has been fighting demons her whole life... She is determined to get better."


Demi, may jesus be with you.. He is the only one that understand all your problems that you're going through.. I pray for you.


What does being a healthy young adult have to do with drowning? Being healthy doesn't make you a good swimmer and accidental drownings, sober ones at that, aren't unheard of.

Patricia rathbun

A lot of rehab centers treat numerous problems, this one probably does, considering that Brittany is bipolar, thankfully she got help cause untreated it can lead to the person committing suicide, she is doing great now. Demi will get the help she needs if she is willing to take it, she is young and talented, they often do not go together, the pressures of growing up today are it seems harder then past generations, that added to being in the spot life can cause excessive stress, some can deal others it can destroy. I believe she will be fine, but remember mental illness and depression can happen to anybody. As for the remark about her young friend, he is in Heaven now, can we stop speculating on what happened,I agree with Hazly there are many ways to drown, but just let him RIP.


NOOOOOOOO! Demi! Please! Don't be like Miley! Be better than her!


bless demi. Bless her bestfriend. Hope she recovers. Mari is OUT!


Best Wishes go out to Demi,and I hope she can get a hold on whatever it is that's ripping her apart. She is far too talented,and has way too-much going-on to let it all slip away like this...
Good Luck and Godspeed on your recovery,Demi...


@Tiff Of course it doesn't give her the right to attack someone. Everyone knows that. No one's saying "Oh, everything's ok. she was just upset because her friend died." What they're saying is that it could've lead up to her breakdown. Yes, everyone has baggage. But, I've been in treatment before, and trust me, not everyone handles baggage as well as others. Some ppl can handle tons of baggage, some can only handle so much. It's never ok to randomly attack anyone for any reason. Also, maybe the guy hit his head or something and got knocked out in the water. Just because he was 21, it doesn't mean he was drinking. Not everyone drinks when they turn 21. Of course, I admit, I could be wrong and he very well could've been drinking. I'm just saying.


I think it's really odd that a 21 year old seemingly healthy young man to drown.... I think it makes more sense for him to have been drinking (he was 21 and on a camping trip with buddies). I don't care what her 'emotional problems' are, everyone has baggage, that doesn't give someone the right to attack another person.


I just knew it!!! :D rumors can be soooooo annoying.. Demi and lindsay are 2 different people.. I dont think demi will ever be like lindsay lohan.. Im so glad those rumors were denied:)


When they told me that Demi was on drugs I do not believe it, but when I discovered she was admitted at the same clinic that Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears was hospitalized, I was really in doubt! More hope it's not really all that, I really love Demi! Brazilian fan here ':] Demi all' of Brazil we're praying for you !


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