Demi Lovato in Treatment: Doing Great, Friend Confirms

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Her father won't stop blabbing to the press, and the backup dancer she allegedly punched is considering legal action.

But there is good news on the Demi Lovato front: a friend tells E! News this troubled young singer is "doing great" in rehab and "is getting help and on her way to getting better."

D. Lovato

A contingent of fans around the world are excited to embrace Demi Lovato when the time is right.

But where is she, exactly? That remains a secret, although the insider confirms it's not at Promises or any of those "Hollywood-type centers" that treat patient as celebrities first and addicts second.

"She is at a real facility that specializes in helping adolescent and adult women with the types of issues she has battled throughout her life. Details about her care are going to remain private," says the source.

When might Lovato leave? "It depends on the doctor's advice and how well Demi progresses."

Sounds fair and healthy to us. We encourage THG readers to send their best wishes to Lovato as she tries to overcome the inner demons that have plagued her for years. Hang in there, girl!


Good luck Demi it's ashame some folk need to fuck off n leave her alone likes xxx
Demi has went through shot so has everyone best of luck demi ur great x


demi is a great person and i love her so much


demi is a amazing person and were all here for her no matter what and i hope she never forgets that!


wow never thout you would do something like this :(


I definitely relate to her; I've been teased at school when i was in the 6th grade for being over weight and it took me to the path of losing weight. I've been depressed and didn't want to live anymore because of the effects it had on me, being teased. Good Luck Demi


demi...great job girlie, life is rough i know we are all here to support you along your tough journey! we wish the best of luck to you. You are so talented and beautiful and your fans care deeply about you...boyz are stupid...they are like baby butts...their cute but still butts! we love you! god bless :)


Poor girl, she needs to go to school....her struggle to be famous is going to ruin her life even more...shame on those leaches that keep pushing her




Love you Demi! Be the strentgh we all know you can be and hopefully others will follow like myself!

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