Dean Sheremet and Sarah Silver: Engaged!

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LeAnn Rimes may or may not be engaged to Eddie Cibrian.

For the former Mr. LeAnn Rimes, there's no doubt about his change of status. Dean Sheremet is set to give marriage another go – with Sarah Silver!

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While Eddie and his ex Brandi Glanville spar often, LeAnn was the first to warmly congratulate Dean on his impending nuptials to the photographer.

Dean Sheremet with Sarah Silver (left) and now-ex LeAnn Rimes.

"Congrats to @deansheremet and @sarah_silver on your engagement!" the Grammy winner Tweeted today. "A little birdie told me the happy news."

"Best wishes for a life full of happiness."

Sheremet's engagement comes right on the heels of Rimes's own engagement rumors with Cibrian, who she infamously cheated on Dean with.

Despite E! Online breaking the news that Rimes will wed Cibrian, she insists they are not planning on marrying yet, although they are very happy.

"Eddie and I are beyond happy and in love and look forward to one day sharing such private news with you all," she wrote in an extended Tweet.

Anyway, today's Dean's day. Congrats man!


I would indeed enjoy making out with his sister frequently.


I don't think that Dean's new "love" is prettier than Lee Ann - in the eyes of the beholder, IMO. However, don't smack down Lee Ann so hard. Dean sure got busy and found a new one right away before the ink was dry on his and Lee Ann's divorce papers REGARDLESS of who was messing around on who. Sounds like he was no saint either. That OR, he's falls in and out of love really fast! Either way, doubt both relationships will last. Something is just not right here for Lee Ann and Dean to be so chummy and both have new loves. Someone outta take on that bet!


Domino effect, I reckon! All these just divorced people must be good for the jewerly business! It's unbelieable. You are right. LeAn and Eddie aren't working-they are castoffs. But they have LeAnn's money--that's what Eddie's marrying; likewise
w/Eric Johnson. Jessica's as desparate as Jenifer Anniston. That's what we'll hear next--but Jen can't find anyone to step up to the plate--money or not. Course Jen won't let go of her money, too stingy. Wants to be a mom? Don't believe it! She can be if she wants to. Angelina is everything Jen wants to be. This is all a big comedy or a country song!


Leave it to LeAnn Rimes to turn Dean's moment into something about her. How dare she twitter a congratulations and then say, she's not putting this cyberspace billboard up for publicity, she doesn't need the publicity??? Yes she DOES need any publicity. She's not working. Hollywood FIRED her. She's poison because her fans all deserted her. Eddie isn't working either. Hollywood is done with him as well. Dean, IS working. His fiancee is much prettier than LeAnn Rimes. Good for Dean!!!


Congrats, Dean! Hopefully this one will be a housewife instead of a hoe like Leann!! Congrats on the GREAT NEWS!!

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