Date, Location Set for Kate Middleton and Prince William Wedding

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Mark your calendars, set your DVR and prepare for total hyperventilation, readers:

Prince William and Kate Middleton have selected a wedding date and location! The monumental event, expected to be watched by billions of people worldwide, will take place on April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

Royal Cuteness

The date and location for a royal wedding are set. Now, Kate and William just need to plan the dress, caterer, flowers, music, guest list... [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

This is the same venue that featured the 1947 wedding of then-Princess Elizabeth, William's grandmother the Queen.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced this date will be a public holiday across Great Britain, while palace officials say the Royal Famil will pay for the church service, the music and parties.

The millions of dollars spent on security? That will be footed by the British taxpayers. Can you imagine the ruckus that would break out if anything like that was attempted in America? Yikes.


Here in Britain we are proud of our Royal family so why shouldnt we pay for the policing....we did it for the Pope and we are not even a Catholic Country. We will make a lot more money from the tourism it will create and that will go straight into the pockets of us Brits. BRING ON THE PARTY!!!


Congratulations to Kate and William.
By all indications, William has a deep respect and admiration for
his bride to be. He appears to be protective,as she appears to be independent. Instead of dating a bevy of beauties,he met one and stuck with that one relationship which now has the word marriage attached to it.
Long life and much happiness to this young couple during their contined courtship and future wedding plans!!


K-Ate *Middle*-*Ton* loved fine foods, but for so long she had to *wait*...until after wedded bliss, when she felt free to clean her plate. No longer *Waity-Katey, her dreams have all come true, cept now shes *Weighty-Katey*, cause shes known for eating off others plates too. Oooh.


did something like that happen to LA with Michael Jacksons funeral???

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