Dancing With the Stars Recap: No Grey Area Here

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Despite battling through major mental and physical anguish, Jennifer Grey continued to leave her mark as Dancing With the Stars' gold standard this season.

The stunning elimination of Audrina Patridge last week took the attention away from the fact that Jennifer, a favorite from day one, seemed to be fading a bit.

Might the rigors of training be catching up to her 50-year-old body? Could she be caving under the stress of six pressure-packed weeks? Apparently not!

Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey Picture

TOUCH OF GREY: Jennifer classes up the ballroom and tops the scoreboard.

Monday night was Dancing With the Stars' 200th episode, a milestone commemorated with team dances. The six remaining couples split up into teams of three for this.

Captained by former winners Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno, who picked their teams, the dancers busted moves left and right for the first scores of the night.

Yamaguchi’s couples - Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer, Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke - held their own in the cha cha cha for a total of 24.

Ohno’s team - Grey and Derek Hough, Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovsky, Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya - was better. Barely distinguishable from pros equals 27.

Each of the individual dances that followed were takes on memorable routines from earlier seasons, and the stars of them came back to guest judge in a fun twist.

Kelly Osbourne’s Viennese waltz was butchered by Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas. Okay, that's a bit harsh. But they didn't wow us, either, with a 33. Total score: 57.

Massey and Schwimmer chose former contestant Mel B.’s pasa doble. They came into their own with a surprisingly elegant effort and a score of 35. Total score: 59.

Kurt and Anna recreated Emmitt Smith's tango. While Kurt won't likely win as Emmitt did, it was one Warner’s best dances this fall, netting him 34. Total score: 61.

Helio Castroneves then watched as Fox and Burke revisited his quickstep. Despite some criticism and missteps, they pretty much nailed it for a 37. Total score: 61.

Brandy and Maks channeled their inner Gilles Marini with an elegant and passionate foxtrot that earned a 10 from Len and a 37 overall. Fantastic. Total score: 64.

Closing out the night, Jennifer chose Drew Lachey’s tango, which really played to her strength. Grey broke down in tears throughout practice, dogged by fatigue.

She seemed unsure she could pull off a comeback, but after a sharp and passionate effort with Derek (for a 37) is there anything she can't do? Total score: 64.

Is this Bristol's week to go home? Do scores even matter at all? Which routine was your favorite last night, and did you enjoy the return of the celebrity judges?

Who are you rooting for on Dancing With the Stars?


"Palin has got to go. She is the worst dancer I have ever seen." No one can be worse than Kate Gosselin. Still Palin is shooting for close behind her - both on and off the dance floor. God bless. RB


With her father being Joel Grey of Cabaret, Jennifer was born to dance, and I don't think she'll disappoint. Do it Jennifer, with flourish, and show them how the old gals can still do it on the dance floor. God bless. RB


BP's constant whining has gotten old. Her constant insecurity of showing too much,and not wanting to come off as too sexy has been rehashed every week. 2 time champion Mark Ballas has been very patient and encouraging to Bristallion (as he called her last night)and even that seems to have fallen short on getting her to loosen up. While struting her stuff, she reminds me of Miss Piggy without the ** diva attitude.


Does anyone believe that Bristol Palin is still on there because she's a good dancer? Truly ludicrus


Considering Bristol has no performing experience of any kind, I think she's doing pretty well. Just because you don't like her mom, don't take it out on her. All of the other people on the show are either performers or at least have more outgoing personalities and some experience before an audience. I'm sick of hearing people who obviously think they are perfect putting Bristol down because she made a mistake. Yes it was a pretty big one, but no one is perfect, everyone has done something they regret. I do think it's probably time for her to go, but I think she's turning into a decent dancer.


Palin has got to go. She is the worst dancer I have ever seen.
Is mama paying to keep her going? Her mama isn't too wonderful either... dig her horrible voice and remember her Katie Curic interview.. Do we need that?

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

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