Dancing With the Stars Recap: Jennifer Grey is Perfect!

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Jennifer Grey certainly made a statement last night.

With just one night remaining before the finals, and voters paying scant attention to scores for several weeks now, there is no margin for error. Everyone is at risk.

Kym and Hines Ward

Well, everyone but her. The way she and Derek Hough danced Monday, the other three pairs are tangoing for second. A perfect 30 once? Amazing. Twice? Unheard of.

HAND HER THE MIRRORBALL: Hopefully next week, the voters will.

The 90-minute program was probably the most entertaining of the season so far, as all the couples stepped up their game, including Bristol Palin, who wasn't terrible.

Not that she deserves to make the finals over Jennifer, Brandy or Kyle Massey. Each outperformed Bristol, predictably, last night as they have for the final month.

Let's break it down by couple. Regaining sole ownership of the top of the charts were Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, whose efforts were pure perfection.

Their first dance was the cha cha, set to Duffy’s “Mercy,” and when Bruno calls it "luminous, vibrant, sexy" and flawless execution, well, you knew 30 was comin'.

Amazingly, it got better. An elegant routine that was pure dance, their waltz was a gem. Carrie Ann called it “one of the most beautiful things ever.” Apparently. 30.

Flying under the radar much of the fall, Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer showed why they've lasted so long with a fun-loving rumble of a samba. Good for 29.

How can you not love this guy and the infectious energy he brings week in and week out? The couple brought it a second time in their tango, scoring another 29.

Brandy started things off with a bold paso doble, which she compared to coming into one's own, a la Katy Perry's "Firework." Imperfect but solid, it netted her a 27.

Their tango, however, had no such imperfections. Awarding her 30, the judges called it “lush” “voluptuous” and “full of flavor,” with marvelous body extension.

Finally, Bristol Palin. Despite our conspiracy theory about why she's still on the show, she did pull off a pretty fierce paso doble with Mark Ballas, earning a nice 27.

Her waltz, unfortunately, fell just a little bit short. It was far from bad, don't get us wrong, but she needed to be nearly perfect to compete and wasn't with a 26.

The Dancing With the Stars scores:

  • Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: 60 (30, 30).
  • Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: 58 (29, 29).
  • Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 57 (30, 27).
  • Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: 53 (27, 26).

Well, how do you see it playing out tonight? Can Bristol do the impossible and make the finals? If she does, it will be at the expense of someone more deserving.

Who are you rooting for on DWTS?


brandy shouldn't been surprise when sarah palin show up the dance was bought. they should not let sarah on that show she doesn't like black people. we should have atleast one black judge on the show. i will never watch it again. i am so tired of the palin's and those phony judges.


I think Jennifer or Brandy should go. Jennifer is a performer and has dancing experience other than Dirty Dancing. She has a leg up on the rest of the cast and her dances should have been more challenging instead of mediocre. A well executed mediocre shouldn't be good enough with someone of her talent. Brandy, same thing. Both these women are always feeling sorry for themselves trying to convince viewers they are the underdog. I don't buy it. I want both Kyle and Bristol to move into the finals.


I did not have to see you dance on DWTS to know you will win. I have "Dirty Dancing recored, and every time I feel dep ressed, I watch you and the wonderful Patrick who left us. I admire your talent and keep dancing Julia


Jennifer you are just a whinning, pitty poor me type and I turn down the volume everytime you talk. I am also 50 years old and had neck surgery (6-7 disc). I am not suppose to do a lot of things that I do but I do it because it needs to get done. I am still suppose to have surgery on the 4-5 disc. To hear you talk just makes me sick. You do dance good but I am not voting for you because of your pity poor me routine. Drive a tractor, lift fed, kids and do real house work, then whine but until then I do not want to hear your pathetic whinning.

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