Dancing With the Stars: Jennifer Grey Makes Case For Crown; Will Bristol Palin Win Anyway?

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Jennifer Grey has been a front-runner and fan favorite all season on Dancing With the Stars and was perfect - seriously, ALL 10s - in her final dances Monday.

Will that be enough to defeat Bristol Palin? You never know!

Bristol, Jennifer and Kyle Massey competed in two rounds of the Dancing with the Stars finals - a redemption dance of the judges' choosing, and freestyle. Jennifer and partner Derek Hough outclassed everyone. Now it's in voters' hands.

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HAND IT TO HER: Jennifer Grey deserves the Mirror Ball trophy.

It's very possible, given what the producers said yesterday about how the judges' scores factor into the overall totals, they were trying to pad Jennifer's lead hard core.

Not that she didn't deserve her perfect 10s, but after Audrina, Rick and most recently Brandy were voted off, you know the pros are pulling for Grey to take this thing.

On the flip side, Bristol's scores were on the high side too, but in proportion to how they scored both Jennifer Kyle. Here's a breakdown of last night, round by round:

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: In the foxtrot, Kyle showed improvement in technique, but lost a little entertainment value in the process. Score: 27 (9,9,9).

He picked the "Tootsie Roll" for their freestyle, since it's his favorite, and wanting to end their run on a memorable note. It was wild and fun. Score: 29 (10,9,10).

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: With a little nod to the gorilla suit, Bristol's jive was much improved actually. She's come a long way, no doubt. Score: 27 (9,9,9).

In the freestyle, she fell a little bit flat, relatively at least. It was solid, but the blank face and the stiff movements manifested themselves again. Score: 25 (8,9,8).

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: The paso doble was a rare stumbling block this fall, but this time, she nailed it. Redemption dance, indeed. Score: 30 (10,10,10).

Their freestyle, which had been in doubt because of Grey's ailing back, offered laughs and enough daring tricks to earn another set of 10s. Score: 30 (10,10,10).

Bristol and Mark Photo
Kyle Massey, Lacey Schwimmer Photo

Total scores on Monday's Dancing With the Stars:

  • Jennifer & Derek: 60 (35.71 percent)
  • Kyle & Lacey: 56 (33.33 percent)
  • Bristol & Mark: 52 (30.95 percent)

After last night's routines, Bristol would need to top Jennifer by almost five percent of the vote (for example, 38 to 33 to Kyle's 31) to overtake her overall.

We're not privy to what kind of vote totals she's racked up in previous weeks, but it seems like a tall order, given Grey's strong fan support this season.

Here's hoping for a win for Jen, but let's give Bristol her due. It's not her fault that people vote for her, she tries her best and is under enormous scrutiny.

She didn't deserve to make the finals, in our opinion, but she's given it her all week in and week out, even amid white powder scares. Terrific job, B.

As for Kyle, he's had a great run, but it's ending here. Either the voters will give it to Jennifer on merit or Bristol ... just because. Who are you rooting for?


DWTS finally gave itself a Palinectomy. Thank God Almight, Hallelujah, it's finally over. DWTS rode this Bristol girl all the way to the end without a saddle. She is going to be suffering some nasty rug burns.


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Watchout for the Palin's and those Tea Party clones. They could be trouble.


Jennifer is not all that. Derek is a phenomenal dancer - he makes her look much better than she is. Watch tonight - Derek just flings her around like a rag doll.


To Lois Halls: Jennifer is not a professional dancer and if you would read all the info about her then maybe you wouldn't make such stupid comments about her. Some people have the knack for dancing and some don't e.g. like Bristol. I don't care how good Bristol is doing-she is not a very good dancer and nowhere compares to any of the others. I vote for the best dancing and not for popularity which seems to go for Bristol. She is a nice person but not a dancer in the league with the others.


Bristol & Mark are young, exciting, and relevant. Jennifer Grey is way over the hill & around the bend. Bristol to win!


Did anyone ever think that maybe the people voting for bristol just wanted to make sure she got into the final 3 so she could win some money? Maybe there are a lot of people who think 'she's raising a baby on her own she could use the money'. I haven't watched the show this season but obviously if she's still in the competition that means ppl are voting for her... Who cares what the reasons are!


No wonder Jennifer does so well - she is a professional dancer. I do not think it is fair to put her up against mere amateurs. Of course they wanted her to win, and of course she is the best dancer. I hope Bristol wins, just because she is doing so well in the face of unfair competition.,


Great article! You hit the nail on the head. I hope Jenn wins and I feel sorry for Kyle, he should have gotten in second place but he will be 3rd because of Bristol supporters.



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