Cops Subpoena Teen Mom, Amber Portwood Footage

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Amber Portwood is a teen mom. On a reality show by that name. She has a bit of an anger management problem. All this is now common knowledge.

The police want to see just how bad it is, though.

Leah's Double Life

Officials in Anderson, Ind., plan to subpoena MTV for the unedited footage of the decidedly one-sided fight between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.

A typical morning in the Portwood-Shirley household.

"We're looking for any behavior that would be considered to be unlawful where the law is broken," Anderson PD spokesman Mitch Carroll told E! News.

"From what we have seen so far from the allegations, and we have to bear in mind that we're dealing with edited footage, it could be something as simple as misdemeanor domestic violence battery - a Class A misdemeanor."

That wouldn't be so problematic. However ...

"However, if it is in fact found to have occurred in the presence of a child less than 14 years of age it could be upgraded to a Class D felony."

Pretty sure baby Leah was present for this, and other meltdowns.

In any case, both Portwood and Shirley have fully cooperated with the police and both even came in last month to provide them with statements.

But while they came in together to deal with police, it's probably the last trip they'll make in tandem. According to her dad, Shawn Portwood, they split.

That would explain Gary Shirley creepin' on randoms at the club.

"They don't belong together," he said. "They just don't mix. There's not enough there. They separated. She's moving on." Well, for this week anyway.


It is completely sad i have to say.
Im thankful to god gary is not with amber anymore but as with their one sided relationship they'll be back together before this year is over with. It's a shame baby leah has to be present with this type of abuse going on with her's an even bigger shame she has these two to call her parents. They both dont have their minds right and gary is to fearful of taking action against amber. Had tv correspondents not gotten wind of this footage this beating would still be going on. Pathetic. They need serious help. And dr.drew needs it too..since he counsels the two during the reunion episodes. He doesnt take action as well.


These two deserve each other

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