Conan O'Brien on TBS: Did You Watch?

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After months of anticipations, Conan O'Brien brought his unique hair and comedic style to TBS last night. Among the highlights on the debut of Conan:

  • Monologue jokes that included shots at NBC - "I'm going to be honest: It's not easy doing a late-night show on a channel without a lot of money and that viewers have trouble finding. So that's why I left NBC." - and even his new employer:

"This is an exciting night. I'm glad to be on cable - truth is, I've dreamed of being a talk show host on basic cable ever since I was 46... And things are going well already. I'm happy to report that we're already number-one in TBS's key demographic: people who can't afford HBO."

Triumph and Conan
  • A new set that featured a full moon and an ocean view, the former of which Conan could move around with a remote control.
  • Seth Rogen as a guest, talking about proposing to a topless Lauren Miller and joking that he placed the ring on her nipple.
  • Lea Michele as another guest, saying of her scandalous GQ pictorial: "We were just having fun."

Did you watch the premiere of Conan? What did you think?


So many of my friends wanted to watch his debut (in Canada)yesterday, but we couldn't find an airing earlier than 1am. So instead, I watched the debut today. It was hilarious, but I think he needs to stop with the negativity about NBC and TBS.


I thought it was pretty funny. I disagree with the comments below, it was his first show back. What he supposed to start, "so this is lindsay wants to start her own rehab." No, he addressed what he was miffed about. Conan has always been my favorite since I was 14,16 years ago. He is more clever than that. I WILL DEFINATELY KEEP WATCHING. But yes, if he does keep with the woe is me, it will get annoying.


Conan needs to realize IMMEDIATELY, that the "pity me"; "NBC screwed me over"; "Jay Leno is a bully"; etc. whining is getting old. I don't plan on ever watching Conan again, but if he continues with his "I'm a victim" shows, I doubt if anyone else will watch him either. I will never know, as I boycott TBS due to the racist George Lopez.


I'd rather spend 2 hours watching The Weather Channel than Conan and the racist George Lopez.


I watched for about 5 minutes and realized that this show is doomed to fail. I loved the intro but that was about as good as the show ever got. TBS will probably keep the show on for a few years, but it sucks. Andy Richter, can you say "bad acting" in his sketches. The only good thing about Conan on TBS at 11 is that more people will be asleep so that they won't have to see the ugly, racist, bat-face of George Lopez at midnight.


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