Collin and Alexis Gosselin: Expelled From Private School For "Rage Issues"

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Two of Jon and Kate Gosselin's eight kids - Collin and Alexis Gosselin, both 6 - have been expelled from a private school in Pennsylvania over "rage issues."

They are now being homeschooled, a source close to the situation says. Great, so now the wire-haired control freak gets even MORE face time with them.

Bob and Brooke

"They've fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids," a source told In Touch Weekly, which first reported their expulsion.

Simpler times.

"Collin had such bad issues that he refused to get his picture taken at school. He's tired of being on-camera," a witness says of the troubled sextuplet.

Others have come to the pair's defense, claiming that despite reports of violence and bullying, they are not behaving as badly as has been reported.

"The situation is being grossly overstated," a source says.

"The kids are going through a very challenging time, but Kate doesn't feel this is something that should be discussed publicly. It is a private matter."

With the divorce, Kate has acknowledged that the children have had difficult moments, but says in general, they are "amazing, resilient, loving kids."

Their dad begs to differ, at least as far as how well-adjusted they are. Jon lashed out at Kate for continuing to keep the kids on television, claiming the exposure gives them behavioral and emotional problems at school and beyond.

Basically, he's a deadbeat and Kate's a child abuser. Those therapy bills are going to start piling up really, really fast.


No one is really surprised by this given how Kate has rejected these children physically and emotionally. They keep her in her hollywood lifestyle and are left to nannies to be cared for even making them sleep on the laundry room floor when sick and throwing up. She treats these kids like an inconvenience and nothing more. My guess is that the two at home will do much worse being around her all that time. Is she even smart enough to homeschool her kids. I'm quite sure she;s Not.


Get real folks! This isn't totally unusual behavior when one considers their age and that they have older siblings who they problem learned this from. To the point of expulsion at that young age though, we aren't hearing the whole story.


Debbie - live near Kate and you will be a Kate hater also. Walk in her shoes? NO THANK YOU. She is the one who CHOSE to have all the children. They wanted to take the weaker ones when she was pregnant AND while in the hospital in bed rest she was on the phone with Discovery Health or TLC negotiating a deal with them to put her story on television. It was a BIG money deal and they told her to MAKE A WISH LIST AND SHE WILL GET WHAT EVER SHE WANTS. So DO NOT feel sorry for this trash who used children to make money.
She DESERVES everything she gets. She was actuyally in a clothing store demanding people to PART. No excuse me or pardon me. "PART"! I guess she thought she was Moses.


Maria Smith ... it was two of the twins who got expelled, not the ten year olds. Can't you read? Collin isn't even a girl's name ... reread the article! And all you haters of Kate ... walk a mile in her shoes!!! See how you would do with a pair of twins and sextuplets. The reason she would yell at Jon is because he was too stupid to know what to do to help with the kids. She had to spell everything out for him and she probably got frustrated with his stupidity ... I know I would!


Both parents are losers. I feel bad for the kids. True, most of the idiots commenting above can't even form a sentence.


My heart truly goes out to
all of the Gosselin kids!!!


Talking bad about someone and how they are a parent can come back and bite you in the butt. Don't be so quick to condemn someone especially when your just spreading gossip!


It was NOT the twins who were expelled, it was Alexis and Collin. The sad thing is condemning them to house arrest with their mother is cruel and unusual punishment. The only good thing to remember is she is out and about as much as she can find bogus errands to fill her time up with so they do get some time away from her for good behavior.


People say that Kate drive Jon away but what kind of woman could support a sorry lazy man with no ambitions. People seem to forget how many jobs Jon quit so that he could stay at home. JON GOSSELIN SOLD THIS STORY TO INTOUCH and still it is ok. What a country we live in with women still making excuses for BOYS that never become MEN. America is a country of "WEAK MEN" and women who won't let their sons grow up. Jon is wrong for selling this story to make money instead of getting a JOB. When will women stop giving him a free pass to Destroy his kids because they hate Kate?


Eye think anywon hoo spends hiz or hir tyme critisizing other peeples gramar and spelllling is ridiculous. yeah, let's make ourselves feel smarter by pointing out the errors. If u wur secure in who you are, you wouldn't need to do stupid stuff like that. grow up.

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