Co-Star on Demi Lovato: She's Doing Well

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Sterling Knight stars opposite Demi Lovato on Sonny With a Chance and has spoken with the troubled actress since she entered rehab a few weeks ago. How is Demi doing? Well.

"She's in good spirits," Knight told E! News last night. "I didn't want to bother her too much because I want her to get her rest. I know she's been overworked for a long time. I'm hoping she stays strong and gets through it."

Demi Lovato Latin Grammys Outfit

While Lovato has reportedly expressed a desire to be home by Thanksgiving, her rep recently said this was unlikely. Her health must come before all else.

As for Demi's decision to get help now for issues initially described as both "physical and mental," Knight applauds his friend for taking such a necessary, mature step.

"You'd rather nip it in the bud sooner than later," he said. "I know she's been real busy - almost entirely too busy for any human being, let along a 17-year-old girl. It's nice that she's handling her stuff."

We agree. In Lovato's absence, Sonny with a Chance will retool a bit and air its third season as scheduled.

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We will wait for you Demi, I hope you to be fine! I just wish you the best,love you!


ur the best demi..i knw u'll pull thru.. :)


Take as long as you need to relax Demi:) Us fans can wait!


It's amazing what a few days in a celebrity psych ward and a shot of Thorazine or Haldol will do to help ground a person. Now that Demi Lovato is normal again, the drugs and occasional R&R at the Betty Ford clinic will make the stress of celebrity life more bearable.


she will pull thru


Demi,I miss you...


I was noticing last year that Demi (Sonny) had serious cankles and linebacker thighs. Guess that's where the eating disorder (snort,snort) came in handy.


Pray for demi...wish her all the best


It was stated that she has been dealing with an eating disorder and has/had been cutting herself. In high school she was bullied alot. She was on tour for Camp Rock and Joe Jonas brought his new girlfriend who plays Alice in Twilight, I "heard" things were fiery between her and Demi, I also "heard" that she lashed out at her and/or her back up dancer. The things I hear are just rumors though! She checked herself in telling us that she "wanted to take responcibility for her actions. I just wish her the best. :)