Classmates: Willow Palin is a Binge-Drinking, Curfew-Breaking Drug Dealer!

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Willow Palin's homophobic Facebook rant? That was nothing.

According to some narc classmates, Sarah Palin's 16-year-old daughter is an out-of-control party animal who once brokered a drug deal ... at 1 a.m.!

One in the morning! Sarah, do you know where your children are?!

Who is Willow Palin and who is raising her?!

Several former peers of the 16-year-old have gone on record telling Life & Style that Willow "chugged" vodka at a party took part in a "1 a.m. drug deal."

Surprisingly, Tre is not among the narcs quoted by the tabloid.

Lance Nezaticky says he watched Willow Palin take part in a late-night drug deal in a deserted Target parking lot in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

He watched as a male driver pulled up, with Willow riding shotgun. The driver bought $20 worth of marijuana, says Nezaticky, then handed it to Willow.

"It was definitely her," Nezaticky says. "There's no question. I had met her before."

After buying roughly two grams of pot, Willow and her companion drove off. "Willow had been told that the pot was really good stuff," Nezaticky recalls.

Another peer, Matt Scott, shockingly reveals that in October 2009, Willow hid herself away at a party and took swigs straight from a bottle of liquor.

Truly staggering revelations, these.

Imran Chaudhry, who was also at the party, confirms an underage Willow was guzzling vodka: "I saw her drinking from a bottle of Monarch," he says.

"She was chugging it pretty hard."

Hey, what's she gonna do, sip that crap?


i agree with mike. no she didnt ask to be famous but she has to be smart because she is. you guys act like its totally fine to do this stuff. no its not so this is a big deal especially since palin's kids are portrayed as perfect and christian. but no bristol couldnt keep her legs closed and who know how many guys willow has had sex with. and she gets high and drunk. all her kids are messed up but since shes busy all the time she cant control them...yea willow is a minor because shes 16 but that doesnt mean shes not responsible for making good decisions. yea she not a "legal adult" but this is pretty close and shes this wild when shes a minor, i would be embarresed to be sarah when willow is an adult and can do whatever she wants


I don't care what anyone says, I want to party with Willow!


You guys are pathetic and oompletely transparent!! Go pick on someone else....


I believe this is just another story to bash Sarah Palin it is sad when everyone has to talk about other kids and never telling what their own kids are doing! sad world all because of a politician mother. I think Sarah loves her kid's the same as the rest of you! and Bristol has the right to try and win the trophy the same as ms cry" baby".does. tonight i couldn't even vote for any one except jennifer, that was rigged no votes went thru for kyle or Bristol. tell me it's not rigged ! they want the old one to win real bad and she is a proffessional dancer!! that is just BULL!!


First, you people try to destroy Mrs. Palin and when you failed, you turned on her daughter Bristol, now that you failed again on your flat face, your going after her minor child. Why don't you make something out of yourself and become somebody? you looser!!!!


Most politicians keep their children under a tight shield of security.It is understandable that Sarah relishes being in the limelight,but her daughters have become targets in the public arena unlike anything that we have seen in recent memory. Chelsea Clinton, The Bush daughters,even Amy Carter were not exposed to so much negative attention.The last political daughter who received a lot of press is Lynda Bird Johnson who was dating George Hamilton at the time, and very much a young adult,and even she did not receive the scutiny that Willow at 16 years old continues to receive. Willow appears to be on her own in dancing to the music that others are playing.


Dang leave her alone! If thats all she does let her...the people telling this probably are hating...and DA.MN u had to be pretty close to see all this... and what where u doing in a target parking lot at one in the morning urself? Lol lets try to look at that n really think about these accusations and these days who doesent smoke mj?


Liberals be gone!!! We are not buying the crap you are shoveling. You can't state provable facts so you, once again, start your smear campaigns. It is getting real old and no one is listening. You had your chance in congress and blew it with your extremist liberalism.


Willow Palin is a lot better looking than her sister Bristol and these days it would be hard to get high on $20 worth of You just have to love what the Liberal media has to do to hype a story these days.


Come on.....$20.00 worth of weed does not constitute brokering a drug deal for God sake.
If I were a parent and this was all my kid did I would be a very happy guy thinking of ALL the stuff I did at 16! Liberals are hilarious in thinking that something like THIS is news even if it is true.

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