Clash of the Costumes: Coco vs. Brooklyn Decker

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The stars came out for Halloween this weekend.

We've posted many pictures of celebrities in their costumes HERE, and have pitted two quasi beauties against each other below.

On the left, Ice T's wife Coco shows off the only reason(s) she's well-known; while, on the right, Brooklyn Decker actually covers up the body that makes her famous. Whose look do you prefer: the busty or the playful? Compare. Contrast. Vote.

Coco Costume
All Deckered Out

[Photos: Splash News]

Who looks better?


Holey shit this woman needs serious help she is over doing it I mean............are u normal coz I don't think you are OMG holey shit I can tell that she is a h+r+ or a bitch


Holy crap the circus is in town!!! And Coco's titts are hideous I just want to take a pin and pop those things already like HM's !!


Coco is known for showing her *cow bags,but this picture of her made my eyes hurt.

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