Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller: It's Finally Over!

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It's finally over for Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen.

The couple filed for divorce from one another this afternoon, as TMZ has obtained the divorce documents - which are the same documents signed by the pair in May. Among other issues settled in the papers:

  • Mueller and Sheen receive joint legal custody of their twin sons. Brooke gets primary physical custody, while Charlie gets visitation rights.
  • Brooke will receive $55,000/month in child support, and the document ensures that she'll never receive less money than Charlie doles out to Denise Richards to support her and their daughters.
  • Mueller will receive a lump sum of $757,689.70.
  • Sheen gets the family home, but must pay Brooke around $1 million for it.
  • Sheen will keep his $5.45 million watch collection. Yes, Charlie Sheen has a $5.45 million watch collection.

This official split comes a week after Sheen was discovered passed out in a NYC hotel room, supposedly high on cocaine and definitely in the presence of Capri Anderson, a porn star/call girl.

Relive the couple's pictorial history below. From a dream wedding to a twisted marriage...
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LOL Ryan Montana your wit is cute... "Typical predator tactics by Latinos" that was funny.


Seriously, if a friend said that she wanted to fix me up with a guy, and she said his name was "Carlos Estevez"--- I would pass in a heartbeat. But, if she said "Charlie Sheen", I'd go on the date. Typical predator tactics by the Latinos.


If "Charlie Sheen" went by HIS REAL NAME: Carlos Estevez ... than maybe, some girls would stay away from this weirdo.


Girls: This is what you get when you drop down and date a Latino (Carlos Esteves is his real name: Charlie Sheen is a made-up name).


Charlie sheen can't be anything other than womanizer. It is just that he wants new woman every 3 years. Reason is simple , initiall attraction will wore off after 3 years because charlie sheen has nothing to offer , his mask of humor will wore off. He is not alone. All people who born in chinese snake year has many wives because that is the way snake behaves. One thing about snake is it won't give anything much away that easily. if there is a situation snake gets robbed , it goes after the people like its prey. Charlie sheen may be futre OJ simpson waiting if any of his future wives take 50% split of his earnings.


Ha! Brooke knew exactly what she was getting into! She took the licks for the money. She just didn't know how long it'd take! She had to have a kid-better it was twins--that's twice the money. That's the game she was playing. She didn't care about the treatment as long as she could get out with the dough. Yea, about someone mentioned the more Charlie gets into the more demonic he looks; you're right. He looks evil and scary, not human. That's what America likes today!


OMG Say it ain't so? I don't know if I will ever sleep again! NOT
Can we all say LOSER? This idiot was on a fast track to nowhere a long time ago. Too bad this wife didn't have the sense NOT to marry him and have kids with this idiot who will never set a good example to any of his kids til he cleans up his act. Is Charlie still waiting to 'hit rock bottom' before he gets his 'poop in a group" and straighten out? The only thing that will wake him up is a very close call be it something really dangerous or near death.


Charlie is starting to look real scary from all the booze and drugs. If he keeps up he is going to look like one big herpes breakout!!!


Charlie Sheen is such a loser, yet each episode he hits a new low. What kind of women want to be associated with such a piece of human debris?


Brooke knew Charlies's reputation when she met him. She was just as wild as Charlie **is. The two of them getting together was a disaster waiting to happen, and it did.
With Charlie Sheen,there was never a dull moment.

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