Changes Coming to Sonny with a Chance

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While Demi Lovato focuses on her personal issues in rehab, producers behind her Disney Channel series have been forced to make changes of their own.

Those behind Sonny with a Chance will temporarily adjust the focus of the series while its star recovers, placing the spotlight on the program within the program, So Random!. The switch means production on season three will begin in January.

Happy, Healthy Demi Lovato

"[This] allows [Demi] the time she needs to get well, without distraction or pressure," a Disney Channel spokeswoman said. "Again, we extend our ongoing support to Demi and her family as she works to overcome personal issues."

There is no timetable for Lovato's return to singing or acting. Sources continue to debate the reasons behind her downfall, but THG simply wishes this young star a full, healthy recovery.


Tiffany shut the f**k up :)


Haa demi lovato is a loser she was placed in rehab for punching a backup dancer for the Jonas brothers so I actually am kinda glad she's not on sonny with a chance anymore since she wasn't even really a good actress :)


Demi i love u from the very core of my heart. i hope ur recovery will be very soon. i can't wait 2 see u and meet u in person. luv u!!!! (infinity)


Demi I just hope you to be fine again, love you! Get the time you need... true fans will wait for you, love you soo!


really hope she will get well soon....but i dont really like disney in this. thou i know it will help but by judging from past stars,britney,lindsay, scared she'll be a role model some how and people cant get over it when she leaves disney.kinda obvious who im refering to


Well, Disney is looking into making a clean move. She is not cut out for the sad. Some of the most talented people can't hack it. Her mother really pushed her hard, into it all. Now, she is looking desperately for something to soothe and comfort her. Self mutilation & drugs...not the look Disney was shooting for. If her mother really loves her, she would take her home and hug her, alot. Stop pushing this girl that doesn't want it...


Heehee, the girl saying Demi is going to hell is on acid. Wow. (:


Demi i love you and so do you're fans ! So stop acting like this it doesn't have to be this way........ Think of how your parents would react if they knew.You will not only be introuble but you may be kicked off Disney Channel.You think u will get away with it but you will be punished by going to hell !!!!!!!


Demi don't change!I love you you're fans love you.You will be kicked off Disney Channel if you keep doing this!Just think about you're parents and how they would react to this bad stuff you are doing to yourself.Stand up for yourself more you always get bullied and pushed around but that can change !!!!! So what im trying to say is you're going straight down to hell if you think you are not gonna be punished sooner or later !!!!!!!!


I love you Demi! I listen to your music and watch your show! I also loved camp rock 1&2! I really hope that you get better and just like everyone else on this post said just get better and keep your eyes on the prize I love you and never will never stop!!
(not in a creepy way though...)

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