Celebrity Hairstyle Showdown: Pink vs. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga knows a thing or two about sporting gray hair. If there's anyone who could make that a fashionable look in their mid-20s, it's the Gaga.

No one else would even try it, right? Pink begs to differ.

The newly-pregnant singer rocked the gray coiffure herself this weekend, offering her challenge to the Lady. Whose gray is the greatest? Vote:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Who looks better with gray hair, Pink or Lady Gaga? View Poll ยป


It's not the color that I don't like on Lady G. It's the hairstyle ... LONG GREY hair doesn't look good on anyone ... JMO


I've noticed a couple of things from "Thehollywoodgossip".
The person who write these articles/blogs seems to think Lady Gaga does everything before anyone else. P!nk has had this white hair since 2008 (watch her video for So What released in Oct 2008). It is not a "new" hairstyle. In a previous post, you mentioned Lady Gaga dissin her peers for "being free" or whatever and you mentioned P!nk. Hello?!! Check P!nk's history...since 2000 she has been very vocal about gay rights, forgin your own path. Listen to Dear Mr. President from I'm not Dead, Stupid Girls etc. P!nk has done it all before Lady Gaga ...it was just not on the front page of trash mags or sensationalised by PerezHilton & others.


im suprise of the results...i expected my vote for pink to be the lesser one as gaga fans will vote for her. i just felt that grey doesnt work for gaga that well


Lady Gaga, both of the are not that pretty but Gaga really works the gray.


They both look ugly to me, but Pink is better looking in general. The white hair just doesn't work for either of them!!!


I love Pink. she is in it for the long run. Gaga has made sure, because of her antics, to be just a passing trend. Too bad because she has talent.


Both Pink and Gaga are gorgeous looking women, even with the grey hair, but by far pink is sexier.


Gonna have to go with Pink. Not a fan of it on either one but Gaga is just way too strange.

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