Capri Anderson Accuses Charlie Sheen of Purse Destruction

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According to Capri Anderson, Charlie Sheen owes her $12,000. And, as of a new report, one Prada purse.

Sources tell TMZ that Sheen destroyed the expensive accessory of his date during his cocaine-based ransacking of a room in the Plaza last week. He was trying to find a watch he believed Anderson may have stolen.

The bag was "ripped to shreds," insiders say, adding that Capri had just purchased it for $1,600. Wow. Guess starring roles in Amateur Angels 22 and Do Me Wet really do pay off.

Police report that Anderson didn't say a word about a damaged purse when they spoke to her after the incident. As for Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, he got a solid dig in with his take on the allegation:

"Maybe she can get a Prada sponsorship out of this."

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I have to disagree with Vic I think she is very pretty. I'd say about 99.9% of straight guys would hit it!!!!


I'm sure that she is a gold-digging ho, but she is super hot. Carlos Estevez, on the other hand, is a Latino.


His REAL NAME is CARLOS ESTEVEZ; not Charlie Sheen. He is a Latino.


This girl is freaking ugly, man. The sexier she tries to be, the more nauseous I get--yuck!


just seen some screenshots of some of her 'work'.. ewwww charlie can you say skank, I wouldn't do that chick if you paid me man


you must be hard up for a story to write about this


You said it Bebot!! Guess her idols are the Racheal U. and Michelle "gagg me" mcgees' of the world.


She's a typical gold-digging, moron hooker.