Bryan Masche Reaches Plea Bargan, Likely to Avoid Jail

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Bryan Masche may be a poor husband and lousy father, but he won't be going to jail for it.

The Raising Sextuplets star was arrested in September and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence after he screamed at wife Jenny in front of their kids.

But an insider close to the case tells Radar Online that Masche has reached offered a plea agreement and he will plead guilty this afternoon to two misdemeanor counts:  threatening and intimidating per domestic violence and disorderly conduct per domestic violence.

Neither charge will result in jail time.

Instead, the reality star will be required to attend both parenting classes and individual counseling sessions. We'd also force him to listen to LeAnn Rimes whine everyday about her image in light of her affair, but that's just us.


Wait a second. So this dude gets a domestic abuse charge for yelling at his wife, but that stupid Amber chick from Irresponsible, oh, sorry, Teen Mom who physically abuses her husband on television is getting nothing so far? Yes, she's being investigated, but nothing will probably come of it, since there's video evidence and she's being "investigated". Pretty sure you don't need any "investigating" done to press charges in this case. I'm sorry, but if women ever want to REALLY be treated equally, we deserve the same punishments, too. We can't be mad at double standards when we celebrate them in the courts.


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