Brooke Mueller Claims to Be Happy, Healthy

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Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Brooke Mueller was downing a lot more than cranberry sauce.

Photos of Charlie Sheen's ex-wife were taken of her exiting a hotel, looking disheveled and, reportedly, on her way to rehab. But Mueller has now shot down this claim as "ridiculous" and added: "I am happy and healthy."

She also really is filming an Oxygen reality show with Paris Hilton. That remains hard to fathom.

Brooke Goes Public

Of course, if Mueller was out drinking, it would be easy to understand. She should be celebrating every second she has free from Sheen and his wild, dangerous lifestyle.

But a source tells Us Weekly she is "clean and sober. Everything is going really well for her. She is focusing on the twins and being a good mom. She is really excited about her new show with Paris."

Well, sure. If there's any guaranteed way to remain sober and focused on raising two young children, it's by filming a reality series with Paris Hilton.


As long as she has Paris as a friend is only going to be a done hill race.....ADVICE Brooke - get new friends and go back to Florida where you came from....Paris is a train wreck waiting for others to talent....


naughty neighbour you don't care what i think or say you make me so horny for sex charlie i don't care who else is noticed to me fuck your hot!


Who is she reall? I know she was married or had babies with Charlie Sheen...and is friends with Paris Hilton.