Britney Spears Conservatorship Rollin' Into '11

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Britney Spears will ring in 2011 and quite possibly beyond under the control of her father, and the conservatorship is A-O-K with all the parties involved.

There are no plans to end the conservatorship, which was created in February 2008 after the singer went off the rails, and has continued ever since.

Don't worry, though. It's not bad news for Britney.

Caffeine Fiend

As long as Starbucks runs are permitted, she's all good.

She's "content" with the current arrangement and is no longer antsy to end it, since Jamie Spears has given her so much more space this past year.

As for the pop superstar's business affairs, Britney Spears, Inc., has never run more smoothly, so no one sees a reason to pull the plug on that, either.

So ... there you go. No news here. How 'bout these Britney Spears pics!


She's making progress in a positive manner and seems back to a happy state of mind.


no she may not still be mentally ill. she may like having help from people she can trust, after being taken advantage of for so long. if she was still as many of you put it "crazy" would she have been able to pull of a super successful world tour? and put out a top selling album? and a rumered new album? you people are stupid and dont know what you are talking about.


@Eugene=translation you have a small penis don't take it out on Britney. Bullshit, let her go, you can't cage her, it's wrong. She's taken all this shit whether a conservatorship is in place or not, If someone wants to go crazy they will no matter what. It's all about greed and custody, Her dad knows the gravy train stops and K-fed knows she can legally get back her kids that he never deserved to get full custody of. She has been exploited long enough. If it's about safety for her life then yes let it remain but it's not. Her dad nor Kevin need a conservatorship to protect her. Just common sense. LET HER GO


Statement: She will remain under the convervatorship. Translation: She's still crazy, and there's no immediate hope for improvement. However, there is still money to be made from her, so she will remain in harness while this cash is harvested.


LUV HER!!! cant wait for more of her awesome songs!! and hope to see her back getting rewards!!

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