Bristol Palin is a Dancing With the Stars Finalist; Brandy Eliminated in Stunner!

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WTF. There's no other intro we can muster right now.

It's not anything new that Dancing With the Stars is more about popular support than technical merit, especially with mediocre, middle of the pack performers. But at some point, you'd assume the better dancers would be rewarded.

You'd assume wrong, apparently. Bristol Palin will be joining Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey in next week's finals, with a deserving Brandy on the sidelines.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Brandy Pic

Somehow, Brandy and Maks will be watching, not dancing in the finals.

No sooner had we talked about how Palin's run personally irked Maksim Chmerkovskiy than he and Brandy got the boot Tuesday, despite great dancing Monday.

A record-high number of votes made it happen, too.

"One thing that I love, for my family, the choice they made to come to this country," said Ukrainian-born Maks, taking the high road, "the fact that people vote and voices count. I love that this show represents that, the people's choice."

"I don't regret a second of the last five years of my being on the show and definitely not a second of me being on this season. It's been an amazing journey."

Uhhnh, did Maks just pseudo-quit Dancing With the Stars?

Apparently millions of voters felt she totally deserved it, but one person on stage didn't look stunned, including Bristol herself and partner Mark Ballas.

Imagine if she actually wins this thing next week.

Can anyone derail the Bristol Palin express?

We know she works her butt off, and there's nothing objectionable about her on a fundamental level. But she can't dance. It's time for this to end.

All we have to say is that Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey voters? You better be on your robo-texting game, because the Palin movement is no joke.

Call it a conspiracy, call it pure enthusiasm for the teen mom next door. Whatever you want to label her, she's one of the final three this season.

Does Bristol Palin deserve to be in the finals?


"Underdog?" How about "undercow", which is what she dances like. I'm not watching this show anymore it's a fake.


Send that pregnant no dancing behind home. Momma my steal that ball for you but you will never be considered a Ballroom dancer. She is fat thats why she had to get on a chair to get on Mark's shoulder. He was not able to lift her up on his shoulder. NOPE not breaking my back.


Come on America! Send DWTS the only message they understand - don't watch another episode. I will never tune in again. Thanks!


OH!!! The peacocks showed their colors.Love your Facebook messages.This trash is what the teabaggers plan to put in the White house. What a disgrace. I think something is mental with the whole family.


For clarification purposes,
The Dallas episode was called Who Shot J.R.??


Bristol Palin & family are big put-ons. Wisen up...she certaimly wasn't wearing those "missionary" necklines when she got preggy.


It's the left voting for her. I think they get a charge out of embarassing her.


I just became a fan of this show a couple of months ago. As for Bristol, she has progressed and overcome a lot of undeserved ridicule. Jennifer and Brandy are pros in a number of ways and have a trained presence for an audience. Brandy is not likeable on many levels and deserved to be dumped. Her partner, Maks is a jerk and should go back to where he came from. The best dancer, of course, is Derek and he proves it by making Jennifer look better than she is. I seem to remember Pam Anderson who came across as a $2 hooker, well used and definitely not a dancer. Yet no one criticized her. It's a show - entertainment, not a political forum. Bristol made a poor choice, but has accepted responsibility and grown from the experience. How many of the "stars" are boozing, druggies who flaunt their naked asses for a living? Enough said.


Omg people shut the hell up! I don't have tv so I don't watch the show I just read about it here on thg. People are going to vote for who they like best whether or not they suck. If her mom is helping her cheat by getting political figures to vote then maybe people voting for the other contestants should get their friends to vote to. Me personally I think bristol should get 2nd to raise the ratings but jennifer should win because she's more beloved by fans & she did the best.


Hey Jane Your are the exact reason Bristol Is still on the show. You are exactly what is wrong with this country. You and your lefty friends. You called me names right out of the gate. What a hatefull person you must be. To use a child with downs syndrom to slam on a person you know nothing about.
I pray for tortured souls like yours all the time . I hope what ever evil that has happened to you will let go of its hold on your heart.

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