Bristol Palin is a Dancing With the Stars Finalist; Brandy Eliminated in Stunner!

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WTF. There's no other intro we can muster right now.

It's not anything new that Dancing With the Stars is more about popular support than technical merit, especially with mediocre, middle of the pack performers. But at some point, you'd assume the better dancers would be rewarded.

You'd assume wrong, apparently. Bristol Palin will be joining Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey in next week's finals, with a deserving Brandy on the sidelines.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Brandy Pic

Somehow, Brandy and Maks will be watching, not dancing in the finals.

No sooner had we talked about how Palin's run personally irked Maksim Chmerkovskiy than he and Brandy got the boot Tuesday, despite great dancing Monday.

A record-high number of votes made it happen, too.

"One thing that I love, for my family, the choice they made to come to this country," said Ukrainian-born Maks, taking the high road, "the fact that people vote and voices count. I love that this show represents that, the people's choice."

"I don't regret a second of the last five years of my being on the show and definitely not a second of me being on this season. It's been an amazing journey."

Uhhnh, did Maks just pseudo-quit Dancing With the Stars?

Apparently millions of voters felt she totally deserved it, but one person on stage didn't look stunned, including Bristol herself and partner Mark Ballas.

Imagine if she actually wins this thing next week.

Can anyone derail the Bristol Palin express?

We know she works her butt off, and there's nothing objectionable about her on a fundamental level. But she can't dance. It's time for this to end.

All we have to say is that Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey voters? You better be on your robo-texting game, because the Palin movement is no joke.

Call it a conspiracy, call it pure enthusiasm for the teen mom next door. Whatever you want to label her, she's one of the final three this season.

Does Bristol Palin deserve to be in the finals?


Bristol is a sweet young woman who has shown courage and come a long way with her dancing skills. Even so, she is far from the best dancer or most entertaining contestant on the show; several much more talented ones have left. Brandy has been exceptional, and I thought she had a shot at winning the whole thing. It seems to me that the results reflect popularity. 'connections', and strength of voting blocks, more so than than talent. I'll now be happy if either Jennifer or Kyle win but, if Bristol wins, the show stands to lose tons of credibility.


I usually go for the underdog; however, in this case, this contest is a popularity contest where viewers are given a little dancing entertainment. Bristol Palin was not the only "star" to improve from week to week; her weekly technical and performance scores showed that her improvement was not equal to others on the show. Bristol Palin will probably wind-up the winner on this season's show; but, it will not be based on anything except votes from her supporters. I guess that it can be said that, not only is there a "Ricky Hollywood," there is now a "Bristolky Hollywood!"

Avatar said they know people try to vote more than allowed and they don't count those votes.


Bristol has made some fabulous progress but she is not to the level of Jennifer and Brandy she should have been eliminated 3 weeks ago. DWTS is becoming a joke, it is not about dancing but popularity. I do not know if I will be watching next season. There are other programs that I give up on mondays and tuesdays for DWTS, I will reconsider. MB


What a bunch of disgusting human beings that are posting on here. None of this is about Sarah Palin, she is just the mother of a contestant on this show. Bristol is also not the one voting. Why are you on here bashing people you don't know and just making up lies about them and the people who support them? Typical liberal complainers. DO you ever stop whining about the Palin family? Get over it!
If you think Bristol has no talent, you must be blind; if you think she can't dance at all, you must be stupid. If you think this too is about race, you are the ignorant one - who probably didn't vote anyway.
And seriously, talk about ignorance - to being up a child with downs syndrome in your DWTS rants? What is wrong with you people?


BOO HOO BRANDY, GET OVER IT. I could not stand her she acted like she was better than everybody else. GO Jen AND Derek!!!!!


I was for Brandy and Maks for the winners, was totally blown away when they were eliminated. However, the voting tallies don't lie. I think Bristol has come so far and we who like her are proud of her. If she wins this whole competition, there's nothing we can do. Just look forward to next season.


I have watched DWTS for years. This is the worse voting-----I use to get mad at the judges,leave the voting to them, something went wrong. I did call in, they accepted my vote. Brandy should still be on the show. I am a Senior. I am very pinked skin, and my friends say the same.
I will not watch the show next year. My husband was a Pro Ice Skater, I know what is expected.


No one is making fun of Trig...I feel sorry for this baby because his mother Sarah does not have the attributes to protect him... as for Bristol stand on your own do not grow up and be like your Mommy....because she is still made that John McCain closed her mouth and did not allow her to speak!!!!!!!!


I agree the Palins think they can say anything and it is OK....well it is not...yes she does have a special need child is anyone paying any attention to him or is this family about the money...Maybe Mommy Dearest is in Russia... I am sure they will slap you around a couple of time...I think Sarah likes it

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