Brandy, Other Contestants Shocked Brandy Was Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

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A frontrunner from day one, Brandy was stunned at her elimination from Dancing With the Stars last night. So was everyone else, including her competition.

The singer and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are the latest casualty of Bristol Palin's absurd run to the finals. When Brandy said "I'm in a lot of shock," she wasn't alone.

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer

Said Jennifer Grey of her toughest adversary this fall, "Brandy's just been amazing. She's done such a beautiful job each week, she's such an amazing dancer."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Brandy deserved better after this week.

"I was shocked, but this show is so unpredictable," added Lacey Schwimmer, who earned the third finals spot along with her underrated partner Kyle Massey.

"We are going to miss Brandy so much because she's a great friend and such a big supporter. But we're happy for Bristol because she's great, too. So sweet!"

Brandy may be shocked, but she's saying all the right things ...

"I'm just so thankful to Maks," she said of her partner, with whom she reportedly sparred at times this season. "He taught me how to dance with confidence."

"I'm very blessed to have be a part of something so amazing, where I can rediscover who I am and prove that if I commit to something, I can be success."

Maks, whose lack of Palin love is no secret, shared it with Brandy: "I'm so very proud of Brandy. It's been amazing, and I really have a lot to thank her for."

The voters? That's another story. Talk about a slap in the face. Bristol's dancing has been about as convincing as her abstinence PSA with The Situation.

We can see her getting more votes than Kurt Warner or Rick Fox, or maybe even Audrina Patridge. But Brandy and Jen were the best two, hands down.

You tell us: Does Bristol Palin deserve to be in the finals?


lol....where were all of you crybabies when the lines were open....always ready to blame others, i didn't vote...because this show is bullshit. how could celebs that have had years of professional dance training, like Jennifer & Brandy, equally compete with beginners, like Bristol & Kyle? Seriously, it takes away from the whole experience....why I stopped watching, years ago. Anyhow, looking at overall improvement...the public has voted great. So, stop the whining....and either vote or find another show to watch.....this bitching is stupid....


I voted for Kyle at the 1-800 number and the voice said "Thank you for voting for Bristol and Mark" :/


I read that the Tea Party people have been making fake e-mail accounts to vote for Bristol hundreds of times. They're telling people who don't even watch the show to do this and vote for Sarah Palin's daughter. ABC needs to block IP addresses from people using more then one e-mail.


Very poorly run tv show, I am sure this will hurt their ratings in the long run...


I love that she has so many haters! Brandy was so horrible to watch this season wether it was her attitude or her dancing and fake tears! Bristol and Kyle are the ones that deserve to be in the finals! Oh yeah and Kurt, they were the least experienced and most improved this season. & the threats of oh I won't ever watch again will not change the votes so get over your self Bristol haters!


Bristol has worked just as hard as the other contests on the show. The fact that she has never danced before and has improved is great. Brandy and the other people had a leg up on bristol, in that, they had acting and dancing experience. SO, IS THAT FAIR? The viewers voted and they want to see bristol in the finals. The premise for the show is to take people that have not danced before,and turn them into dancers. STOP making this into a political thing. You are only hurting Bristol.Brandy could have gotten more votes and she didnt. Don't be a poor sport. If Bristol had been voted off people would have said nothing. Every season, the people that have won, ie the girl from the pussy cat dolls have won. IS THAT FAIR? She had plenty of dancing experience. The judges and other contests should give Bristol a chance. Makxs should shut up about Bristol. They did not get enough votes. DEAL WITH IT!


Are you kidding me? After the farce that was presented last night, with the person with the least talent of the entire season allowed to get to this point in the show, our dance group has decided to boycott every sponser of this show until you can present it as a talent competition and not a political statement of the far right.


lets be honest about the situation: bristol is good at having sex and making a baby and turning it into a cause for abstinence. She's really good at having fake engagements to garner publicity for what i don't know. But is bristol palin a dancer? No . She is not a danser in a day dream, dancer in the dark, a tiny dancer, or anything else with the word dancer in it. Who cares if brandy seemed bitchy. She could DANCE HER ASS OFF! And that should have been the deciding factor.


I love the concept of this show. Too bad that there is so much going on with inappropriate comments by the judges and even the MC. Brandy deserved to win not be voted off. However, last week, that little flare-up with Carrie and Maks was totally inappropriate. Then the MC who I really like, slammed Makx. I think that is an attempt to control voting and it stinks. Brandy was hurt. I think this show no longer holds my interest.


who the hell is voting 4 bristol? t.v.s rigged..

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