Brandi Glanville Battling Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Over Child Custody?

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Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes may or may not be engaged, but they are definitely at odds with his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, over custody of their kids.

As such, Brandi is meeting with Eddie, LeAnn and a mediator to discuss custody issues next week “and talk with them about what is okay for my kids.”

The pair currently share 50-50 custody of the two sons Mason and Jake, according to Glanville, who says nothing Rimes does surprises her anymore.

Eddie Cibrian with Brandi Glanville (left) and LeAnn Rimes.

Glanville admitted that relations between the exes has been strained since the split. LeAnn denies she's engaged to Eddie, but that may be a smoke screen so they can announce it on their own time (and for their own financial benefit).

"Eddie and I generally don’t speak," she said, though she's had plenty to say to the press. "I reach him through his assistant, or sometimes a text."

As for her DUI  arrest late last month in Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville said she doesn't expect it to hinder her with the mediator, or in family court.

"My DUI didn’t fall on my custodial day, my children were never in any danger because they were not in my care," the model wrote in an email.

"He could not legally use it against me (trust me I checked)."

The fact that she had to doesn't bode well for negotiations.

Of a recent TV interview a Rimes and Cibrian gave - in which they were all over each other - Glanville said she "saw the interview" and "it wasn’t anything different than what I see and hear on the soccer field- no biggie, sooo over them."

"All I care about is my kids."

Glanville was officially divorced from Cibrian in October, more than a year after his fling with Rimes was uncovered by celebrity gossip tabloids.

The tryst took place while they were filming the Lifetime movie, Northern Lights. Rimes, also married at the time her affair with Cibrian was revealed, divorced her hubby of seven years, former dancer Dean Sheremet, in June of 2009.


If this had stayed a private matter the media and public (who really care less) wouldn't comment. It's just that Leann won't SHUT UP. Eddie is no prize. He is an adulterer just like her. She says he is a good father but what lesson is he teaching his boys? They are going to be womanizers just like him. And Leann, you are so head over heels in love, you better protect your money because that is what love he really has feelings for....YOUR MONEY....he is an aging hunk (pushing 40) and every TV show he does always bombs. Most of "Third Watch" was not about him and he was fired from a surefire hit "CSI Miami" and trust me, if he had brought in the ratings they wouldn't have dumped him. These two cheaters deserve each other!


Why does Eddie Cibrian need an assistant? That must be the most boring job ever.


There is no custody battle. Another shining example of the media taking a small bit of truth and twisting it into a much more scandalous and attention drawing situation. Brandi herself posted on her twitter that there is no custody battle just going to sit down and talk about things related to the kids. As for LeAnn being there. She's in their lives when they are with Eddie so yeah I think she shoud be there. This should have been done a while ago but so glad it's happening now. Hopefully a sign of a more peaceful future for everyone involved that is if the media would keep their nose out of it or at least if they have to report it stick to the straight truth and quit twisting and sensationalizing it!!


So didn't Eddie also endanger the lives of other children when he got into a car after he had been drinking? The video is on x17 and the photo of Eddie drinking was a twitpic that Leann posted on her twitter account.


This is a very misleading headline....BG and EC are not in any kind of custody battle....they are going into mediation to talk about things to do with the raising of their kids....i'm still not sure why LR has to be there but evidently BG wants to talk to her, too. Its sad that BG has to communicate with the father of her boys through text or an assistant (what does he need an assistant for anyway?) but maybe a mediator will help them work it out...(if LR allows it of course)


LeAnn is a home wrecking sluttt. Eddie is an azzhole supreme, but its that kunt LeAnn who is primarily to blame.


"My DUI didn’t fall on my custodial day, my children were never in any danger because they were not in my care," no...but the lives of children in OTHER cars WERE in danger of YOU! And your choice to drive drunk shows you are NOT someone who deserves any more than 50/50 custody!


Leann is not involved in the custody battle for Eddie and Brandi 's kids...
Brandi and her sister make this crap up...make it and twist it constantly...
this is not a custody battle...
how dumb is the world? to believe this horse doo doo?
an actually if dean and leann's marriage was so strong
and brandi and eddie's relationship so strong .
how could something so strong fall apart so quickly..
and if eddie and leann were really just following hormones
would they have lasted almost two years coming up this next year?
dean has a great lady with him now...
brandi and her sister need to put the energy into better things...
cause you're getting old hanging onto the hurt ... leann said it best in her song nothin' better to do
idle hands are the devil's handiwork lord knows the trouble you'll get into
when you go nothing better to do..
so all you internet story makers out there..
find something better to do than just make up lies...


Why is Leanne involved in custody negotiations? She is a girlfriend and nothing more. I can see the three of them sitting down to come to a peaceful co-existance as parents of these boys but having LR involved in any custody discussions is ridiculous. She is not a parent to either child and has no children of her own. What insight can this troll really give?

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