Bodyguard of Justin Bieber Accused of Assault

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For the second time in a couple months, Justin Bieber finds himself at the center of an assault allegation. This time, though, the singer's bodyguard accused of acting inappropriately.

According to celebrity photographer Jason Nicholas, he tried to take a photo of Bieber in NYC on Friday, only to be sent to the hospital by an overly aggressive employee of the star.

Nicholas tells E! News he was standing off to the side, near the London Hotel, acting like "a gentleman" when "Bieber comes out with a small group, two bodyguards, one handler and one other person. Without blocking the door, I stuck my camera out with my arm and shot him."

Assault Claim

The paparazzi member then details what happened next, saying one of the men protecting Justin "snapped" and:

"He shoved me up against the SUV. He was super aggressive and it happened right in front of Bieber, who got right in the car, but I got some usable pics out of it.

"When Bieber got into the car, he put his mouth to the glass and let out a roar, like a primal scream, with his mouth wide open, it was so odd."

Nicolas, who visited New York Presbyterian Weill-Cornell Hospital soon after the attack, claims doctors there diagnosed him with a strained back muscle. He was released late on Friday and filed an assault report against the bodyguard with the NYPD today.

"I just want to stress, for the record, that everyone, paparazzi included, should have the right to come home from work at the end of the day in one piece," he said.

Bieber recorded an anti-bullying PSA last week. His reps could not be reached for comment. Are you buying this cameraman's tale?

Medical File

Why don't the bodyguards just take the camera away?


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I'd like to get a look at the goons that did this,because i know that like baby Tarzan, Justin Bieber has been adopted by a bunch of apes.


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Shame. It must be so tough being a celeb. Lets break out the tissues, why don't we. You want to be a celeb, pics are part of the package. Deal with it, and stop smacking the photographers doing their jobs.

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