Billy Ray Cyrus Storms Out of Radio Interview

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Billy Ray Cyrus may have flipped out on wife Tish, leading to the dissolution of this couple's 17-year marriage.

But whether or not that tabloid story is true, we'll never know by asking the country singer himself. That's becaue Billy Ray has made it clear: he won't be discussing his divorce in public.

Asked about the split on WCOL's Woody & The Wake-Up Call show on Friday, Cyrus responded by storming out of the booth and saying: "God bless America, God bless our troops... Have a good day, brother." Listen to the failed Q&A below:


woah its whoever the guy is to ask the question but maby he would want to be smarter and ask him that question after he asked whatever he wants to ask first...hope their situation gets better...


wat up man your dather is a 304