Angelina Pivarnick Tries, Fails to Rap

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"I take a shot ... I take a shot ... It hits the spot ... Then dance a lot ... Until I drop ... I shop ... And shop ... I just can't stop ..." - Angelina Pivarnick, "I'm Hot"

If you enjoy tone-deaf raps about shopping, drinking and punching girls, then the evil Jersey Shore castoff's debut single is going to be right up your alley.

The painful one proclaims, "You can't replace ... Or crowd my space ... So step off bitch ... Or I'll punch your face!" So HARD! Listen here and prepare to LOL:

Upon the release of this hilariously awfulness, Angelina Pivarnick claims she tried to stop it, alleging the producer allegedly screwed her over. Riiight.

She says: "I didn't wanna release the song yet, truthfully I think the song needed a lot more work!! In blunt terms it sucked!!" Yep, it sure did.

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angie will always say shes good if its good if it sucks she plays the blaime game , black white what eves you can rhyme rhyme but generally white girls have horrible lyricsme i could get that down in one read ya dig? but on the real angies the biggest drama queen in the world she would get beat here


really people?i mean really?that's all it takes to record a album and apear in the media?hamster voice deformed chin and fake tan?the human race is going sad i use to like hollywod and celebs but now everything is a mess!i miss the old hollywood!!!


She should stick to deepthroating and getting dicked down she got ass and tits maybe porn will fit her.


Yeah, okay, Angelina, honey, stick to what you're good at.
Riding dick, Drinking booze and punching other women all while totally embarrassing yourself and disgracing your family on national television. You aren't even MEDIOCRE at the field you are trying to pursue! So please, before I have to spell it out, get back on those reality TV show cameras, Omarosa.


I agree, women shouldn't sing at all. I like Angie but she is better with the mic in her mouth, not in front of it.


Wooowwwwwww... She really is the most annoying person in the world...


Jenn, I understand why you called me a racist and I'm okay with that. However, I am just relaying the truth. People don't want to hear white women rap.
Hell, besides the Beastie Boys white men shouldn't rap. Eminem is a talented rapper but he just tries too hard and comes off as fake to me. Sorry to upset you but sometimes the truth hurts. Sincerely, Randy Jackson's Big Black Ass


very funny, what will be next


okay the white girl comment: You suck for saying that you racist pig. Along with Angelina's rap song....


exactly, just like no one wants to hear a black guy sing country...