Angelina Pivarnick Goes OFF on The Situation

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Angelina Pivarnick, that girl from Jersey Shore who left in the middle of both seasons because she's a grating b!tch no one likes, has words for The Situation.

Claiming he needs a full-on face transplant so he can stop looking like "Popeye on crack," Ange tore Sitch apart in an EPIC rant outside of a Hollywood club.

Sitch is Back

She also termed him "The Bitch-uation," which we admit is slightly clever. Oh, and she's dating Justin Rego from The Bachelorette. He was there with her ...

Angelina's rant was definitely Rated R last night. Or at least PG-13.

It's hard to feel much sympathy for a compulsive $h!t-talker who instigates like it's her job. No wonder Snooki whomped her on her last Jersey Shore episode.

Angelina was named "Villain You Love to Hate" at a reality TV show awards event earlier in the evening, and after watching this clip, no one's gonna argue.


First she hooked up with a married man, now she's with the bachelorette douche who cheated on Ali because he had a girlfriend back home. Really classy, Angelina. No wonder everyone hates your ass.


Damn Hollywood Gossip has no love for Angelina!!! A lot of us like her, but I guess the staff writer for this article and one other that I've seen has a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory fetish or something cause they keep siding with the little Oompa Loompa named Snooki!!!


angelina is cool girl. with out her JS is is boring. and the situation is a sitution.

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Angelina Pivarnick is a star on Jersey Shore. She's also the outcast, having bailed on both seasons of the show to date. Frequently... More »
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