Angelina Jolie Will NOT Celebrate Thanksgiving!

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Millions will delight in Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow. Angelina Jolie is not one of them, electing not to commemorate the genocide of Native Americans.

"Angelina Jolie absolutely hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans," a friend of the actress tells PopEater.

Valid point, but pumpkin pie just tastes so good ...

NO THANKS-GIVING: Angelina Jolie is not a fan!

"To celebrate what the white settlers did to the native Indians, the domination of one culture over another, just isn't her style," the friend says. "[Jolie] doesn't want to teach her multi-cultural family how to celebrate a story of murder."

Not sure how many of us toast to murder at the dinner table on this day, but she prefers to think of herself as a citizen of the world, not just America.

Always extremely sensitive to suffering throughout the world, she's going to great lengths to make sure the Jolie-Pitt brood doesn't honor it here.

"Angelina gets so grossed out by Thanksgiving that she has made sure her family will not be in America this year on Thursday," an insider reports.

While Brad Pitt recently told Extra, "We'll whip up a turkey somewhere," a family friend tells me, "If Brad wants turkey, he'll have to cook it himself."

Well, that would likely be the case whether they observe the day or not. Dude is so annoying when he eats, you know she makes him do the work.


WELL>>. we don't have to react so early guyz.... cause she did not even give a moment of some issues like that...get lost bad people... we know she is thankful for everything she has... and her movies we're all great. just like her latest 'salt'...common its just an issue people.....


She can't celebrate what she calls the domination of one culture over another but she can celebrate the domination of one husband from another. She is such a phoney, I can't stand her. I haven't seen anything she has done since she took another womans husband. Yet she won't talk to Dad because he cheated on Mom. Sure Angie dearest! Get a grip. You are an idiot.
Tammy Davis, you are hysterical!!!!


everyone who went to the first grade knows thanks giving is about the pilgrams and native americans BEING THANKFULL OF EACHOTHER and getting along. They needed eachother to make that first feast on thanksgiving day. without eachother they wouldnt have everything they had.

Jennifer miller

I agree with Steve. Angie wouldn't be rich and famous if this didn't happen in the past. Angie is two faced


the concept of thanksgiving has been used by many different cultures as a way to come together and be thankful for what you have. the pilgrims adopted it from the british (i think) as a way to celebrate there survival. it has NOTHING to do with the killing of native americans. so im going to assume this story is bs since she seems smarter then that.


Angie is a hateful whore. Every interview she does she sounds so stupid. Her movies are stupid. She said that herself. She does not even watch them. She should be knocked off her pedastal with a baseball bat. All she does is cause problems. THATS IT!!!!! The bosnians and serbians are about to go to war AGAIN because of her stupid rape movie. Brad twit looks like hes gonna shoot himself any minute. If he could take the kids and run , he would.




To SOPHIA: It's called Stockholm Syndrome..and everyone probably wetted themselves by avidly saying how stupid she is and how she must have "slept through kindergarten" Why doesn't everyone shut the hell up and let her celebrate her choice holidays the way she want's to? Who the hell are yall to think you can judge her? Go back to your lame lives instead of attacking someone who is doing great things to hers.


If this was in fact true- then I agree w/ what everyone else has said. & anyway- that not what thanksgiving is about anymore anyway- it in the name! Thanks- giving! Giving thanks for what you have & celebrating life with family!


What a pompous bitch.


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